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Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

This is a discussion on Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Steve O That right there's an admission of guilt. Another admission of guilt. Whatever the hell DC is, probably a chronic disease ...

View Poll Results: Would you post pictures of you or your family shooting on Facebook?

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Thread: Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve O View Post
    That right there's an admission of guilt.

    Another admission of guilt. Whatever the hell DC is, probably a chronic disease you get from using drugs.

    Send all your guns to me and turn yourself into the authority's now and make a plea deal.
    "DC" Defensive Carry... I hope you were joking when you said your above statement?
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    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

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    I have posted a couple of pics, as MinisterMalic said it is another hobby. I also post pics of my TKD events and belt tests, some of me in a Christmas play, etc.
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    I think you have to make a personal decision about whether you want this hobby, and your beliefs to be public or not. A while ago (when I started my blog) I thought this through and decided that I did want to be public. I have a lot of "liberal" friends and I wanted them to know that I was a gun owner. I think it's important for people to be challenged in that way. It's too easy to write off our whole group as "gun nuts", but when someone you know is one, you have to reconsider your preconceived images.
    I think the potential for good outweighs the chance that it would hurt me, but I may be proven wrong someday.
    Of course, no one reads my blog anyway (and I don't post nearly enough), so it doesn't matter. I also don't hide my identity on the various gun forums. if one was so inclined, my id could easily be traced back to me.

    And yes, Facebook, here, wherever. Internet is basically Internet.
    I am not a Lawyer, LEO, or Special Forces Operator.
    The writings above are not burdened by trivialities such as research, experience or facts. However, it is on the Internet, so it must be true.
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    Although I do post regularly on Facebook, I would not post photos of me shooting. As others have said, once a picture is posted online, it's out there forever...and, some things are best kept private IMHO.
    "Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice; ammo is cheap, life is expensive."

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    I voted yes. While I don't do facebook, I do have my own website (Cowboy Action Shooting). There's not a lot of pictures of me there because at 6'6" and 400#, I'm not exactly what you would call photogenic. Also, my real name isn't there but since I'm the registered owner of the domain name, I wouldn't be hard to track down.

    While I truly hope I never have to use my defensive firearms, I'm not going to alter every aspect of my life around the idea that one day I may have to use them. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I'm a gun owner and shooter and I'm not going to hide that part of my life.

    As far as the legal ramifications that it may be used against me after a self-defense shooting, I look at it like this. You can bet your bottom dollar that if you are ever arrested or charged as a result of a self-defense shooting, one thing that's going to happen as a consequence of that charge is that they will execute a search warrant on your premises. If a prosecutor wants to use aspects of my hobby against me, the gun room with 3 reloading presses, thousands of bullets and primers, 10s of thousands of rounds of loaded ammunition and a gun safe with so many guns that I have rifles rubber-banded together so they don't fall out when I open the door will make much better ammunition than my picture on facebook. The way I see it, if you're going to worry about your hobby being used against you, you should:
    1. Own only one gun.
    2. Have no more than one box of ammunition for that gun.
    3. Never go to a public target range to practice.
    4. Don't have any targets in your possession.
    5. Don't be a member of or post on any gun related internet bulletin boards.
    6. Don't carry your gun with one in the chamber.
    7. And lastly, don't ever post a picture of you with your gun on facebook.

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    The internet will be the downfall of society. Instant info (true or not) spreading at an exponential rate across the globe. Instant gratification, data assumed as fact and proliferated as knowledge. I'll give one example: The recent stock market crash was fueled by this instant chaos and millions of every day joes having fingertip access to electronically move thier 401K balances causing an avalanche of fear and panic. The same machine that created the "real estate bubble" to begin with. Millions of people lost lifetimes worth of savings, and a savvy few made millions from it. By the time average folks hit the panic button and moved everything to interest funds, the loss was real. By the time they thought it was safe to move it back, they had lost the uptick. They lost going and coming. In the old days to move retirement funds, you had to go to HR, fill out papers in triplicate, mail them in, and in a few weeks the changes were made. Now it is merely seconds. World economies and infrastructure can be brought to their knees in a flash by the reliance on the internet. Perhaps it is time to get off the grid.....just something to think about.
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    I do have my own website (Cowboy Action Shooting).
    Thanks! Looks like fun, and I've been considering SASS, just trying to figure out how to "finance" the deal, LOL!
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    I used to go there allot, but some family members took care of that for me....

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    Pass out the tin foil hats.

    Anyone that voted no must not have ever posted pics here either. Or is DC not subject to the same rules as the res of the internet?

    Guns are a part of my life and people who know me already know that. My page is by no means 'Gun oriented' but it is not devoid of them either.

    If you are worried about how you will look in court, you should probably never post here ever again. Something can be had off of this website just as easily as it could be had from your facebook page. The same goes for YouTube. Do you watch videos of people shooting on youtube? Don't you think they track that?

    If you are worried about how you will look in court, you should never go on the internet again, only buy guns in Face-to-face transactions (only where legal of course) with cash and don't visit a gun shop again, ever. They have security cameras.

    Chill out.

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    Um...here is my FB profile picture. Since like 1/2 of my FB friends are either shooting buddies, students, or like-minded individuals. And the other half can unfriend me and go pound sand if they are offended.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?-bunny-shoot2.jpg  

    Don't frisk me, I am the weapon.

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    1st: yes I post pictures of me shooting on facebook. its fun and it has gotten more than one perosn to come out and shoot with me. (one for the first time in thier life)

    2nd: is there a DC fan page on face book?.... I think i will go look. If not, any one here got the know how to make one? ill join!
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

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    You should be more worried about what a lawyer would do with your posts on here than with innocent shooting sport photos on Facebook.
    ‎An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it. -- Isaiah Amberay

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    Depends on the context of the picture.

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    No. Just not for me.

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