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Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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View Poll Results: Would you post pictures of you or your family shooting on Facebook?

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Thread: Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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    No way that I should. Furthermore, I strongly dislike facebook.
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    Actually my profile pic was of my daughter and I shooting together. I got several positve replies that it was great that we were spending time together. I had one person ask if I thought she was a little young. Keep in mind she is a mature 6 I was squatted directly behind her and had control the whole time she was shooting a 22. I told them no I didnt and that I felt she needed to learn about the safe handling of firearms as soon as possible. I think she was poking at me more than anything. My neighbor did make the statement you know folks are going to get peeved about your profile pic they may not say anything but you can bet they say something to themselves. Oh well it was a picture of my daughter and I spending time together sharing a passtime that I dearly love and wish to pass on. We were shooting on the same land that 4+ generations of my family have learned to shoot on. I changed it but the pics are still there. It was a 22A but when asked what it was I quickly replied 50cal.

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    Sure....have pics of me shooting M4, M249, M240, MK19, P229.....no big deal....
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    No I Dont Even Post Picks Of Me Shooting On This Site!!!! Anonymity is priceless

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    Opsec issues come to mind. I voted no, but I do have a video on youtube of myself shooting a German rifle my grandfather brought back from the war. He got a big kick out of watching it

    But facebook is more social and easier to identify you on than youtube. That and I'm a private person anyway.
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    Not a chance. Bottom feeding lawyers would like nothing more than to have that following a justified shooting.
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    NO! Facebook is the root of all evil!
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    A lot of good points brought up both pro and con. One minute I am ready to deactivate my FB account, and then I read another post that points out very legitimate reasoning of why it is not big deal. If the pictures do not depict an unlawful event, I see no problem with it. On the other hand, lawyers these days are very good at twisting something harmless and lawful into making us look like a gun wielding, trigger happy hoodlum. The educated know that law abiding gun owners who have been trained in shooting and safety are a friend to the public. Unfortunately, a jury would most likely be made up of people who are uneducated about such facts. I am torn on this subject. I am kind of leaning toward the "NO" crowd on this one.

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    I voted yes. I have pictures of myself shooting at the range. I'm only friends with people I know and those that I know, know that I shoot.

    Like others have said... it is a hobby. There are pictures of my horse competitions as well. I'm not going to censor my pictures because it might offend someone.
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    I have a picture of my son shooting a CO2 pellet pistol he got for Christmas 2 years ago.

    I also have a video of me on FB firing my spud gun.

    CCJA has a picture of my fat rear end and bunch of other folks at a pistol course on their FB page. Was hoping they would post some of our shots on the firing line but it's only the class photo.

    No big deal to me.

    Be Safe,

    "In a crisis, you will not rise to the occasion, but you will default to the level of your training."

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