Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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Thread: Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

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    Would you post pictures of you shooting on Facebook?

    I am becoming a Facebook addict. It is bad enough I am a DC addict, but now I have no time for anything except reading posts.

    I was thinking of posting pictures of me and/or my kids shooting on my Facebook profile. I can see good and bad in this. Just was wondering what others thought.
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    Sometimes you have to think about how things would look in court if you ever end up having to shoot someone.

    Pictures of you shooting with your kids might be ok. Pictures of you brandishing a gun with an intense look or idiot grin would probably send the wrong message.

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    Keep in mind that once it is on the internet you can never really get rid of it. I would say post #2 had very good advice if you decide to do it.
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    Personally, no. You can crank down the privacy settings as tight as you like, but I've seen FB "reset" those. YMMV, as I'm quite a private person to begin with.

    ETA: I'm sure you've seen the photo of the hairy guy in his underwear posing with his gun & guitar collections. I wouldn't advise any of those photos, either.
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    A Big NO here
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    Quote Originally Posted by hogdaddy View Post
    A Big NO here
    NO WAY
    been carrying for 30 some yrs and no one has any idea.
    why avertise for anyone.

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    Not a good idea, but then I stay away from Facebook like the plague anyway. My wife dabbles in that and it is has caused some problems, but nothing to do with guns.
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    I agree with ------No! What is the point of Facebook anyway? People that I don't talk to anymore don't need to see my bio for all I care. I have managed to stay clear of ClassMates for all these years too. I am interested in moving forward in life. I don't get it! "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda" is simply pathetic. Can anyone help me make sense of the value of Facebook?

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    yes, i've got several pictures of me at the range on FB. i see no harm in it, i'm not doing anything illegal in the pictures and most people I know know I have weapons and shoot regularly. i've got no reason to hide what i do for a hobby
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    I post occasional pics of me on fb shooting, especially with the family. It is a hobby like any other, and pics of me at kenpo or jogging (my other hobbies) get old fast. :)

    That said, those pics HAVE cost me once. When I bought my AR 15 I took it (along with a bunch of other stuff of course) out to the desert with the family and some friends to shoot it. We had a great time and posted a few pics on fb. It ended up causing some upset to a family in the church I am the pastor of, who ended up leaving the church over it.

    In the end it wasn't the end of the world; they found another church nearby that was good for them, so they weren't unduly affected. It did make me reassess how much firearms stuff I put on fb though!
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    I recently posted some pics of me, my son, my brother, and my nephew out shooting at the range. I see no problem at all doing it. To me, it's no different than showing the ubiquitous pics of a deer that was just harvested (the hunter crouching behind it, holding the rack of the buck, gun resting on the side of the animal--you know, the same pose you've seen hundreds of times).

    Having said that, I've seen guys that don't exhibit sound judgement and post their collections on Facebook. To me, that seems like it's over the top.
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    I voted no. I have too many clients that do not know that I carry, and I have no desire to publicize that information. I would never even have a Facebook account. Or Twitter for that matter, or any "social" networking sites.

    DC.com is different because of our anonymity here. Only a handful of folks on DC.com know who I am (and vice-versa) because we've chosen to meet each other.
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    No. To paraphrase Woody Hayes and take a little prosaic license, "When you pass a football, three things can happen and only one is good." I think posting posting videos or pictures on any social networking forum is a crap shoot.
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    Lots of pictures of me shooting on FB.. In court, all it would show was that I shoot... that's not a crime and certainly doesn't mean I was out there looking for a fight.

    And I am very personal about who I allow to be my friend on FB and what I allow them to see. If I haven't met you and shook your hand then don't bother attempting to befriend me because I will ignore you. My privacy settings are checked frequently and that's the way I like to keep it.

    So, everyone who is my friend on FB knows me personally and I know them which means we've probably shot together at some point or at least discussed guns.

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    I voted no not because of legal ramifications, but because it advertises to anyone on the internet that you have many expensive guns to steal. And facebook only makes it that much easier to track you down and get your home address.

    Maybe I was just raised to think differently about letting others know we owned guns because my father lost several thousand dollars worth of guns in a break in when I was still an infant.

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