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Security Guard Doen't Know His Carry

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Thread: Security Guard Doen't Know His Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by GettingOld2 View Post
    I was early for a meeting this morning so was killing time having a second breakfast. One of the private firm guards that provides government facility security was sitting next to me so I asked him what his carry was?

    "A .38"

    "What model?"

    "I don't know, it's just what they give us. The original owner got some kind of deal on .38's so that's what we get."

    I suppose it's possible he was just blowing me off, but I got the distinct impression he really didn't know what he was carrying.
    He likely handles it and shoots it just as well as he knows what it is.

    Bet that really makes you feel secure to be under his watchful protection.


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    If he's not in to guns then not knowing the make and model isn't too surprising. It doesn't mean he can't shoot! He might have just been blowing you off too.

    I've worked with cops who didn't even like guns.
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    An intimate knowledge of the nomenclature is not a prerequisite to functional competence. I have known a number of police officers that couldn't tell you what they were issued but qualified "expert". As one explained, " I didn't buy it. It's what they gave me. As long as it works who cares what it's called?"
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    Yeah, I completely agree with these last 2 statememnts from Thumper ("If he's not in to guns then not knowing the make and model isn't too surprising. It doesn't mean he can't shoot!") & mcp1810("An intimate knowledge of the nomenclature is not a prerequisite to functional competence. "). You guys kinda said what I was getting at in a lot less words...LOL.

    I am a Security Officer, and enjoy what I do. I am not the typical sleep at the job guard portrayed in most movies or even that many of you may have encountered. I do my job well, and make those I serve feel completely secure. I care about what I do and take my job as seriously as any of you take yours. The moment a person feels like what they do is a minimal skilled position or, believe anyone can do it, then they perform that way. I know that everyone cannot do my job THE RIGHT WAY. I've seen so many fail. That mentality is usualy the reason why. This guy may or may not be the typical armed security guard, when speaking of knowledge of his weapon. But his competency to do his job overall has less to do with minimal details such as the model of his sidearm, etc. It has more to do with being alert, and preventing dangerous situations from occurring & watching for safety hazards, being an extension of the clients eye onsite, giving those around him a sense of security.

    The Security Officers ability to recall events of a crime or accident is often very helpful to law enforcement who a lot of times will arrive after crime is over. The detailed report of a well trained security officer can go a long way toward catching the criminal vs. him getting away without anyone paying attention to specifics of what happend due to fear/panic. Not saying we are as important as LEOs, but sometimes a good assist is delivered from a Security Professional to help a Good LEO/Detective close in on the BG.
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    I don't have a dog in..... But, I once was in the "office" area of the security desk to retrieve my badge I'd dropped. This was at shift change. The security officers, to my surprise, showed up with empty holsters. They retrieved there revolvers from a gun locker and only had them in their possession during there shifts.

    I later became friends with one of these guards, and he explained that these were surplus junk revolvers, that were bought from PD transitioning to autos.

    He said they didn't know what kind of gun they would get. Only that they were .38 spec. 6 shot with 4" barrels.

    Knowing this, I wouldn't be so quick to throw this guy under the bus.
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    The company I worked for many years ago bought a few cheapo German 38s for anyone who didn't supply their own. Nasty looking things, looked more like a toy than the real deal. All the parts would catch and bind when you tried to manipulate them.
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    GettingOld2, I had this very same encounter with a Deputy Sheriff in my town... posted here

    At the risk of sounding sexist, it was a woman deputy... just a fact. She took the stuff, wrote down my info, etc... and I remembered something I had seen here. I've seen people advise others to ask the local police what ammunition they use, and to use that as your SD round. So since the officer was relaxed and seemed friendly, I pointed at her polymer pistol and asked, "Is that a Glock...?"

    She responds yes, and I ask her what model, and she says, "I'm not sure..."


    I tell her about what I have read online about using the same ammo as the local constabulary, and I ask, "so what ammo do you use...?"

    Her reply to me was, "Oh, I dunno... whatever they give me. I'm not really into guns..."

    I was a little surprised. I said that I thought that a patrol officer would be keenly aware of the details of her weapon, her duty ammo...

    She said she qualifies a couple times a year, but she's "not into it, like most of the guys..."

    I said goodnite, and she left... as she drove away, I said, "Please be safe..."

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    Something to keep in mind, a lot of police officers and security types are not gun people. To them their sidearm is just another tool of the job like the lap top in their car, their radio, or a digital camera. They don't have to shop for the best price or the features they want. They go to supply section or whomever and are issued "X". If they want to shoot it on their own time, they go to supply and get two boxes of ammo for "X". They only have to specific enough to differentiate between pistol, rifle, or shotgun ammo. The department has made all the decisions for them. Just like they don't worry about what brand or grade of gas they are getting from the county pumps. Heck, my old department had to make a regulation requiring (particular problem at HQ) officers to be armed while on duty! There were a lot of folks that came in to work, took the gun off and stuck it in a desk drawer. They didn't always remember to grab them before going out to lunch or even responding to crime scenes.
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    I actually get annoyed when Joe Schmo decides to quiz me on my equipment. I can handle honest curiosity, and am more than happy to talk with them about whatever, but more often than not its just somebody wanting to flap their gums, and report back to their internet hangout about the dumb cop they ran into at the gas station.
    I will have fun with them sometimes, and tell them all sorts of things. Things like its rocket propelled, ammo supply is endless, I don't carry it loaded because it makes it to heavy, bullets are heat seeking all kinds of crazy stuff.

    So, a lot of times, LEO's are blowing you off. And a lot of times they probably have no idea what the thread size is on their grip screws.
    Anymore, guns and shooting has very little to do with the job.
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    This is one of those discussions that comes up all the time, and I always have the same reaction. So what? Neither law enforcement nor security is about guns. One doesn't have to be a gun nut to be a good cop or a good security guard (or a good shot for that matter, plenty of non-gun people can shoot).

    I am sure that everyone out there uses something for work that they don't know much about past its basic function. I am also sure that there are forums dedicated to some of those items and people post the same kinds of things there about what idiots we must be because we don't know what kind of processor our work computer has or what size tires are on our cars. Who cares?

    As best as I can tell most of these posts are intended to make their original posters feel superior to others in some way.

    "The Engine could still seemed to scare them" -Felix

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