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When kids used to be able to play with guns

This is a discussion on When kids used to be able to play with guns within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Very cool. Brings back memories. I had a similiar one, with blued frame and wood looking plastic grips. It too came with a holster (black) ...

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Thread: When kids used to be able to play with guns

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    Very cool. Brings back memories. I had a similiar one, with blued frame and wood looking plastic grips. It too came with a holster (black) and used the same green stick on caps and plastic spring bullets. Very nice to remember that. Thanks ExactlyMyPoint.

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    The "Fanner 50" (sp?), I had one and it was a great gun. It was my favorite, both the pistol and the carry rig.

    Looking on Ebay a couple years ago, I wish I still had mine.

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    OMA stood for "one man army." I remember playing with them myself!

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    Anybody remember the thompson machine gun? It had a wind up handle on the side and would go through a roll of caps in about 15 seconds. Not THAT was fun!

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    Yep, as memory serves, the Mattel Fanner 50 sold for about $5 back in the day (complete with leather gunbelt). I just remember that 'cause I used to get that much for a birthday present at age 7 or so and that was what I'd buy...

    Wasn't the thompson tied in with the TV show "Combat" (w/Vic Morrow as sarge)?

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    My cowboy toy guns were the ones that used the paper roll caps...great memories!
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    odor of powder and paper burning

    Quote Originally Posted by boricua View Post
    My cowboy toy guns were the ones that used the paper roll caps...great memories!
    Yep. The red paper rolls with the little powder filled dimples in the center of each segment. They made a somewhat nice boom sound, but better yet gave you the real odor of powder and paper burning-- because that is what actually happened. (Kids actually do need to play with matches and fire btw; otherwise they won't learn what to do with these when they are older.)

    I think they don't sell "chemistry sets" anymore either. Too much product liability, I'd think.

    These things may sound unimportant to the present day parent, but their absence deprives our kids of very important learning.

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    Things are totally different than when i was even a kid, and im the ripe young age of 31. Even growing up as a kid in suburban New Jersey, we would play outside all day long without concern from our parents. We got into so much stuff, but it all teaches you things that can be used later in life, as well as character. Kids nowadays do almost nothing but vegg out inside all day playing video games and being disrespectful. It's a real shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boricua View Post
    My cowboy toy guns were the ones that used the paper roll caps...great memories!
    Me too!
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    I got the police called on me for playing paintball.

    Actually not even playing. Walking to the woods from my house less then a block away. Someone called about kids walking around with guns.
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    I had all sorts of toy guns growing up, cowboy cap guns with belt and holster. A broomhandle mauser that made machine gun noises when you pulled the trigger, and when Planet of the apes (TV show, not the movies) was on I had an ape mask and rifle. Got my first BB gun at around 9 or 10, a henry Rifle replica. Those were the days.

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    Wow...this brought back a few memories!!!

    I had one of these as a kid in the late 50's and early 60's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    Hey that looked like Opie Taylor, or Will Robinson, I can't remember which.

    Go running down the street with one of those now and there's a good chance someone's gonna freak out and call the law on ya.
    Looked like Opie Taylor to me, just got done watching Andy Griffin Show LOL.
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    When I was in grade school in the early 50's we took our 22 rifles to show and tell at school. Some of our teachers went dove hunting with us back then. My family had a small farm in South Georgia, life was pretty good back then when compared to today.

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    You can tell it's Mattel, it's swell!
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