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Thread: Nice pair of plinkers

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    which one has the higher resale value ? go with it and get more stuff .


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    Sell me the one you don't want to keep for a really good deal. I'm not picky, I'd like to have either.
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    they both look nice. have fun w/ them. a plinker is on my wishlist

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    Official first range report.

    Ammo: Wl Cheapo Winchester hollow points. 1250fps. Comes in the 333 box.
    Rounds Fired: Approximately 100 rounds each pistol.
    Chambering first round:
    Both pistols chambered the first round equally smooth until 70 or so rounds had been shot. Then the Ruger started needing a little nudge to get the round to slide up the ramp. The Browning performed silky smooth throughout the shoot.
    No malfunctions for either pistol.
    Magazine loading
    Both were very similar, but the Browning was a little easier to load.
    First mag cold shooting
    Here is a pic of the first 10 rounds out of the Browning at 15 yards standing unsupported. That top round is a from a different shoot (haha actually shooting the Ruger at the top target.) The grouping on the Ruger was so bad I was embarrassed to put a pic of it up on here.

    I adjusted the sights, and here is the next shooting, 15 yards, standing, unsupported, 5 rounds.

    Trigger pull
    The Ruger has a nice crisp break. The Browning had a little more take up, but felt like a smoother pull. The Ruger was a little hard, the Browning just a tad lighter. Enough to tell a difference.

    Hand Feel
    The Ruger felt rock solid, like there was some substance to it. Very sturdy. The Browning was much lighter, felt more like a toy. The Browning sat in the hand better though, and it's action felt better as rounds were being ejected.
    I had a hard time figuring out how to hold the Ruger sights, and could never get a sharp view. The Browning felt more natural with less anxiety about finding bulleye.
    General Impression
    I shot much much more accurately with the Browning, but felt like the Ruger was a more durable pistol.
    Plans for the future
    Keep both. Accurize and scope the Ruger, and enjoy the iron sights on the Browning
    Here is a comparison shoot. 25 yards, Standing unsupported. Ruger on the left. Browning on the right. There is a penny and a 22LR casing for scale. Mighty small bullseyes. (I never said I was an eagle eye with a
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    I paid $280 for a plain black plastic Ruger Mark III, which I did not mind buying until I saw this! Now I'm pissed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerMan View Post
    +1 Browning
    + 2
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    Assuming it shoots well, I'd vote for the Browning.
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