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This is a discussion on Favorite range gun within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'd call my S&W Model 19-5 my favorite range gun. I shoot 38Spl loads at the range and generally load up with Buffalo Bore 158 ...

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    I'd call my S&W Model 19-5 my favorite range gun. I shoot 38Spl loads at the range and generally load up with Buffalo Bore 158 grain LSWC in 38Spl+P when she's doing housegun duty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctr View Post
    So, what is your favorite range gun? Tell us about it. Any caliber, handgun or rifle, what do you like to shoot?
    An S&W Model 17, 4" barrel, a .22 LR K-frame sixgun, by far, is my favorite range gun. I may use it to "warm up" for my more powerful handguns, and almost always use it to "cool down" at the end of the session. Sometimes, it is the only one I shoot. It is a good understudy gun for my .357 revolvers, and my SIG P229 DAK pistols point the same in my hands as a K-frame S&W, and have similar DA trigger pulls, so it is good cross-training for the SIGs as well.

    If I want to practice a clean single-action trigger pull, this sixgun can do that for me, too.

    The price of .22 LR ammo is also very right.

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    Until I buy something more exotic or expensive my favorite range gun is my G26. My Kel Tec P-11 is fun to fire but my G26 is still my favorite range gun.
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    I'd call my S&W Model 19-5 my favorite range gun. I shoot 38Spl loads at the range and generally load up with Buffalo Bore 158 grain LSWC in 38Spl+P when she's doing housegun duty.
    That's one beauty of a gun - great lines!

    AND, if that's your house gun, I don't think you'd have to do much but shine a nice bright light on it and it could be the Russian Army, they'd be flying out of the nearest exit just from the sight of it!

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    CZ 75 SP-01.
    Nice and heavy, reliable as a crowbar, looks good, big capacity, reasonably priced ammo (9mm.)

    And I'm still a lousy shot. I get too tense trying. But it's fun.

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    I like that idea of a warm up and cool down with the 22!

    Love that dancing banana so much.

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    Dan Wesson PM9. I love the 1911 and with this one, I can shoot it a whole lot cheaper.

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    My Savage .17HMR. Shooting empty ammo boxes at 200 yards is childs play.
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    Browning Buckmark .22 cal....It's a tackdriver and you can shoot alot for cheap.
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    Lately I really like shooting my G26. It's a very nice combination of weight and caliber. Very accurate shooting pistol, and I love the trigger once I got used to it again.
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    I love shooting my EDC, a Glock-36, but at the range my two Kimbers are so smooth and accurate. Two CDP's, an Ultra and a Compact...
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    G19. Smooth as buttah!
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    I like the Glocks too. Any Glock, including the G-36. However, in a .45, I still get a thrill shooting the 1911. There is just something about the way a 1911 fits the hand and feels when shooting.

    I whole heartedly agree with anything in .22lr. 22's are very fun to shoot in any form!

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    Range gun

    My favorite is my SA Mil-Spec with a 22lr conversion. Has a lot of the feel of the 1911 .45 (obviously not the same kick) and much cheaper to feed ammo.

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    S&W model 41, hands down best pistol I ever bought. I can hit x's all day from 25 yards with iron sights. I can make soda cans dance at 50 yards, and have hit them at 100. I even hit a clay pigeon out of a hand thrower with it. Shoot all day for $20, can't beat that.
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