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How Much Practice?

This is a discussion on How Much Practice? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Min every three months with both of my carry pieces. Summer and Fall I get plenty of practice, Winter and Spring it falls back to ...

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Thread: How Much Practice?

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    Min every three months with both of my carry pieces. Summer and Fall I get plenty of practice, Winter and Spring it falls back to bare minimum.

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    I prefer to shoot 6 to 10 rounds per day over a bunch once a month. If I shoot everyday am more accurate than once a month or once a week. If you have to go to a range to shoot that would not be very practical though.
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    "Maintaining proficiency with a tool you may literally have to bet your life on some day is critical. "
    There is no simple equation...other than knowing your own limitations..the equation differs for everyone...working on weak areas? improving strengths?
    In my opinion maintaining proficiency is certainly critical. Keep in mind what "maintaining proficiency" is. Maintaining something you have already attained a certain level of skill with is different than increasing skill. Maintaining already excellent skill levels is easier than making increases in skill which will take longer and more excellent practice! I believe a wise man once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
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    I go 2 -3 times a month & usually shoot at least 200rds. if not more.
    I went last Saturday & shot 300rds. through my Kimber.
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    Im a big fan of the .22LR for bear defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by naking View Post
    Casting your own lead which you obtained for free from a friend who owns an auto shop really helps save cost.
    I would love to shoot that much, but alas, no equipment, no time, and no friends! (just kidding)

    I hope you take good precautions in heating and handling lead and used brass.
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    lost in ny state
    Once or twice a week,20 to 100rds,various drills etc,its really nice to have my own 125yd range.
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    We have to go to target ranges around here; our farms, fields and forests having been paved over by asphalt and concrete for plats and plazas, around here, during the past sixty years or so, like ya know. No more walking around and down to the river to shoot with our .22s. They are lucky in Kentucky.

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    2 times per month, 50 - 200 rounds per visit, depending on budget. Lots of dry fire practice at home. Lots and lots of practice.

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    I shoot two or three times a year. yes, a year. time and money are my biggest restraints.

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