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Odd request -- need to shoot these:

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Thread: Odd request -- need to shoot these:

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    Is he going skydiving, too? Man, what a thesis!

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    I have a GI 45 pistol and a Garand. Sadly, I'm in Long Beach, CA.

    My prayers and best wishes to the candidate.
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    Come down here to richmond. I am pretty Dominion shooting range here has an M1, they have an old fully auto thompson, and am pretty damn sure they have a colt 45. They also have a few other oddballs like the Sten to shoot as well.

    Give em a call:
    dominion shooting range
    106 Turner Road
    Richmond, VA 23225-6414
    (804) 276-6920

    Lemmie know if/when you roll down there, or at the very least say hi to eric for me.
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    There used to be a place called Gilberts on Backlick Rd near Lorton. I know they used to have an Uzi and an MP-5 and I think a Thompson. I think they would also have a plain if not mil spec 1911A1 for rent.
    I don't know if they are still around or not. They are not connected in any way shape or form with the Gilberts in Rockville. And now that I think about it Dick might have all of what you are looking for at Gilberts in Rockville MD, but the rental fees are pretty steep. The advantage of going to Rockville would be that you can fire all them there. I don't think the one in Virginia allows rifles.
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    My Dad is a WWII vet, and is probably the reason I like milsurp stuff.

    I have 2/3 that he wants to shoot, but don't have the SMG (I probably could line him up with a local one).

    I'm a long drive though.
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    Contact the VFW,there has to be a few members that own select fire thompsons and I guarantee there are many that own M1 garands and 45 ACP pistols,not all 45's were manufactured by colt,some were manufactured by Singer sewing machine co. and others
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    My grandfather, a WWII Vet, has all three. South Florida, though.
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    If all else fails there is always Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot – West Point, KY
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