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Thread: best glock for the money

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    Glock 19.
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    If your only criteria is that it has to be a Glock and the lowest new purchase price for the gun, then you will find your best deals on a G37 in 45GAP. If you are looking at a used Glock, then you probably find your best deals on a G17 in 9mm.

    Neither one of these opinions considers the cost of ownership experience but I suspect that the care and feeding of a used G17 is pretty minimal.

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    Best Glock for the money? Well, the 45acp and 10mm models will cost you more than the others generally. Any anticipated savings would do well to go along with the cheaper (but harder to find) 9mm. I would say the G17 or G19. The G19 would be better for CC depending, and also good pistol to get into one of the shooting sports as well. But I do like the capacity of my G17 when it comes to IPSC, and it's great for OWB or open carry. If you want to save over a hundred dollars on your purchase of a new Glock pistol, just apply for membership in the GSSF for $35 new member, wait about a month for your pistol voucher, then go find what you want.

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    Glock 21sf excellent glock id stay away from the gap ammo availibility and price is big issue on the gap also as much as im not a 9mm fan id say i have shot the 19 and love it as well (wont own a 9mm dont like them but thats my opin) so really either one.

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    Summit gun broker has used G27 w/nite sites for 415.00
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    Glock 19 and dont do the 45 gap....
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    Split the diff and get the .40 - G23 baby!

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    I agree that if you were going to buy a Glock...and only one...get a G19, it's the most versatile platform IMO and you can do quite a bit with it in terms of lights and lasers if you felt like it.

    That being said, I have only one Glock...and it's a G26. I love it. But I didn't buy it just to have a Glock, I bought it for a specific need...and the G26 filled it perfectly. But it doesn't have the capacity or the ability to tack on accessories like the G19 does.
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    I have been very pleased with my G30

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    EDC G22 For years and thousands of rounds through it no problems at all...EVER!!!!! (just go's bang......)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wkientz1 View Post
    Glock 17 and 19 I would say...and I have a G23
    I carry a G23.

    I believe the G19, like SIXTO and wkientz1, is the finest all-around sidearm offered by Glock, and arguably the best overall sidearm around. In 9mm, the G19 IS the way to go.

    Either the G21 or the G30 (45ACP) would do you wonderfully.

    As far as the .45GAP's......stay away from 'em. Expensive and hard to find ammo is the reason for that.

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    You mean there's a good Glock???

    Never knew this - me being a 1911 guy and all.

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    The g19 is ok, but why not take one more step to a real gun!
    G20/29 will handle all comers, two or four legged.

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    Gonna have to go with a GLOCK 19 as well.

    I also like the 30 and 21 if your tastes run to .45 acp.

    I actually am also impressed by the GAP models; but, I just can't bring myself to buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako View Post
    glock 19 is a all around gun.
    all around? (A) good
    (b) bad
    (c) brick
    (d) not an M&P
    (e) b,c, and d
    hmmmmm...................................ok! lol just kidding!
    I dont like any Glocks personally, but, they are proven worriors. I just dont like the way they look and feel!
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