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Buying Your Gun: Does Where Matter?

This is a discussion on Buying Your Gun: Does Where Matter? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I buy from local dealers after I do an on-line search. If theu are within $10 to $20 after shipping and transfer, I'll buy locally. ...

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Thread: Buying Your Gun: Does Where Matter?

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    I buy from local dealers after I do an on-line search. If theu are within $10 to $20 after shipping and transfer, I'll buy locally. So far, I have always been in that range - most times same as the deleivered into my hands on-line cost.
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    I get mine where I can find what I want. Through friends, acquaintances, strolling through gun shops, gun shows, Gunbroker, forums (like Buy, Sell, trade on this one).....doesn't matter.

    If I buy locally, I prefer FTF....

    Otherwise through my favorite FFL (if gun originates from out of state)
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    I always shop around online (,, etc) but my local gunstore is usually right on par with the prices that I find online. I've bought my last 4 guns from the same local dealer
    Springfield Armory XD 9mm service
    Sig Sauer P250c 9mm

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    In the past I have bought from local shops, even Gander Mountain when the price was right, and one straight from Dan Wesson.

    Now since one of my customers has opened a gun shop, I will most likely purchase exclusively from him. I have checked around and priced things at some of the other places on Gun Genie but by the time you add their handling fees and taxes, they seem like they are always higher than my client. I will also direct folks who ask to him so that he can build his business.

    I would be somewhat leary of purchasing from folks working out of their homes or whatever. Not because they are going to do you wrong or anything like that but they are trying to make a buck with having little to no investment in thier business. Most folks will go and hold, handle, see what they like at the places that have inventory and dollars invested in the inventory, but want to save a little bit buying from a guy in his home.

    I equate that to folks calling me when they are working their own tax return on turbo tax or whatever and want to know from me whether or not they can make a certain deduction or how to fill out a form. I have bills to pay, I don't have time to provide services for someone who is not willing to spend money with me. The same should hold true for the gun business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silo View Post
    ...My question to everyone is: what's the bottom line for you when buying a gun? Do you go for price, customer service, selection, or what? Do you believe or care about the impact to smaller, mid-sized, larger, or even the garage/basement guy? Just wondering others' perspectives.
    Before I go to my favourite gun store, I do my research first and usually find the best price. My favourite store is just down the road from where we live so there is no problem there. But before we found this favourite store, we went everywhere to find my first gun. I did not do any research or anything. We just went and I tried handling several guns. Where I finally bought it, many months later, we found out that we were actually screwed. The store is very ligitimate and the folks were all friendly and all that. So you can see, it really did not matter later on. We were still screwed when it comes to price.

    Then we were going somewhere one day and I noticed this store. On the way back we went there...everything is nice and clean and tidy and lots of firearms and weapons, not much accessories and all that but the owners were friendly and very accommodating. It is a very fun, family oriented gun store. We looked at the prices and they were reasonable. They even offer discounts to military, pilots, LEOs and few more others...If we find a gun we want with a price lower than they sell it for somewhere else, they matched it OR give us a price much lower than what we found somewhere else. So why won't we go back there again and again? So this coming month when our son comes home for his spring break, I am going to take him with me so I can buy another 9mm with his military discount.
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    I like buying from my LGS. I work them over pretty good on the out the door price until I know I'm getting a decent deal... sometimes equal or better than Gunbroker. I like to see the gun I'm actually getting. They also throw in a free month at the indoor range which they value on the receipt at $25. I spend a lot more than that a month on range fees so I feel like I've made a pretty good deal.

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    I buy very few new guns, but when I do, I get Bud's price and see if my gunshop will match it out the door. They never do, but I give them first chance. With the plethora of like-new used guns on the market, I never pay tax, and my name stays off paper. I couldn't care less about customer service in the store. They could call me filthy names, and if they had the best prices I'd buy from them. Smiling grandma's aren't worth paying $100 more for to me.
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    I just purchased a Glock 26 today. Shopped 3 local gun shops, 2 were the same price, one was $65 cheaper--$495. $65 is a fair bit of money. I bought it there. I would have preferred to buy it at one of the other shops, the one with a ton of holsters in stock, and an indoor range. But $65 is too much to ignore.

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    I support a couple local gun shops that treat me right. If there is an issue, they take care of it no questions asked. I'll pay a little more for great personal service and peace of mind knowing they make things right no matter what. They have won my loyalty as a repeat customer, I bring friends in and they buy there too. Over time, they have cut me better deals because they know that I am good advertising for them and I bring them business. They're just a phone call away with any issue. That's worth a lot more to me than a few bucks difference on a gun.
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    I will only buy from brick and mortar mom and pop places when shopping retail. I usually only buy from one shop only anyway.

    I'm a strong believer in buying from a local source and from a place that supports the community. I don't mind them making a profit, as they have mouths to feed too.
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    My last few purchases have been FTF. I have a couple I am looking at and will start with used guns once I know what I want. Let someone else pay the tax, put their name on it and take the depreciation. Outside of the gun I have 2 shops I love buying any accessories from. But with all the used guns around I would really have to want something to buy a new gun from them.

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    Wife and I drove 110 miles last month to pick up her G26. One of the only two Glock LE distributors in Arkansas. $432 OTD with the GSSF voucher. We're moving back out into the country next month, and when I get my FFL, I'll more than likely do the custom order deals, keeping inventory to a minimum.

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    Buying Your Gun: Does Where Matter?
    I suppose that since I'm prepared to purchase a firearm in a private sale from someone who doesn't own a brick-and-mortar shop, I shouldn't much care where.

    I have acquired some via auction, remotely. I have acquired some via private purchases, face to face. And I have acquired some via standard brick-and-mortar type shops. Have yet to purchase from a high-volume "shop" that didn't have a brick-and-mortar establishment, though.
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    I usually try and buy locally, Academy Sports (Low Prices) or my local gun shop (good folks). My last Ruger GP100 3 inch, I had to go to GunsAmerica and went through a dealership out of South Dakota, I was very please with the price and the time it took to get it. They could not find this gun anywhere in Texas (which surprised the living crap out of me), I couldn't believe it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I will only buy from brick and mortar mom and pop places when shopping retail. I usually only buy from one shop only anyway.

    I'm a strong believer in buying from a local source and from a place that supports the community. I don't mind them making a profit, as they have mouths to feed too.
    I concur.....
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