Need some advice please!

Need some advice please!

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Thread: Need some advice please!

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    Need some advice please!

    Hello guys, Ive got the opportunity to get a Magnum reaserch .460 BFR with a 10 1/2 in barrel with single action, or a 44 mag in ruger redhawk with 7 in barrel double action. Either one of these revolvers I will be putting a Burris 4x scope on.

    My question is which one is more practical for deer, black bear and emergency defense for Grizzly, there are also wolf packs in my area. I know the 460 has way more power but its the emergency defense for Grizzly thing with the single action that bothers me.

    I really am in a quandry here cause I cant make up my mind (wife says I can only get one or the other) by the way the 460 will shoot 45 long colt, 454 casull and 460

    I love handgun hunting for deer so that is what it will be primarily used for.
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    Personally, I think the 10.5 inch barrel is going to be pretty hard to manuver, especially if you need to move quick to acquire a mad bear.

    The 460 has the advantage of shooting multiple calibers as you have stated, but are you going to keep all of those calibers and do you want to adjust your scope for the various loads when you change between them?

    For plain old deer/black bear hunting and a general kick around gun, I would probably go with the Redhawk (disclaimer I have a 5.5 Redhawk). Now if grizzlys are going to be a common occurance, I might have to reconsider, but hopefully your not planning on a lot of them.
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    I have a super redhawk and love it. If I had your choice, go with the BFR, its a bad a$$ pistol.
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    The 10.5 inch barrel is too long for me.
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    The .44 has plenty of power. It will cost you half as much and will do anything you want it to.
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    I have one of these and I love it. I have not hunted with it yet but plan on going coyote hunting.
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    I think I'd opt for the Ruger also. .44 mag and .44 Special (for a milder loading) will do for most cases. A long barrel can often be a hinderence.
    As for a really pissed off griz, you'd better break bones if you hope to stop it with any handgun.
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    Another vote for the Ruger for reasons already mentioned.

    IMHO neither would be my first choice (or even second choice) for taking on a grizzly.
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    For grizzly I would be carrying a shotgun with slugs,the others a 44 mag should do
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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post

    Now if grizzlys are going to be a common occurance, I might have to reconsider, but hopefully your not planning on a lot of them.
    I would say that it would only take 1 to get the job done.
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    I'm w/ the others...44mag. The 7" barrel will be better for quick encounters and the DA will be nice to have IMO.
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