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This is a discussion on Fully Automatic Weapon within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Pete14 I didn't even know until recently that the A in AR stands for Armalite. It doesnt. it stands for Assualt Rifle...

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Thread: Fully Automatic Weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete14 View Post
    I didn't even know until recently that the A in AR stands for Armalite.
    It doesnt. it stands for Assualt Rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopar40 View Post
    It doesnt. it stands for Assualt Rifle
    Your source? According to NSSF it is ArmaLite, after the company that designed it.

    Facts | Modern Sporting Rifle

    The AR in "AR-15" rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. "AR" does NOT stand for "assault rifle" or "automatic rifle."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopar40 View Post
    It doesnt. it stands for Assualt Rifle
    No, it most certainly does not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopar40 View Post
    It doesnt. it stands for Assualt Rifle
    No. It doesn't. Pete14 is correct. It comes from "Armalite Rifle" like all their other design designations.


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    There is a some good and bad information in this thread. In a nut shell, new fully automatic weapons are illegal for anyone who isn't either a Class III manufacturer and/or dealer or a Law Enforcement Agency/Government Agency (or an agent who is issued agency property). Automatic weapons that were manufactured before May 19, 1986 AND were registered with the NFA Branch are legal to transfer between regular citizens in states where said weapons are legal. Since the number of guns is fixed, and unless there is another amnesty (don't hold your breath), can never increase, they are quite expensive. A M11/9, which was a $300ish gun in 1985, is now around $3500.

    As for converting an AR15, with the proper low shelf lower, some other fire control parts, and a Registered Drop in Auto Sear made and registered prior to May 19, 1986, one can "make" a new AR fully automatic (not technically since the NFA Branch considers the RDIAS the "machinegun") legally. A hole has to be drilled in the lower for the RDIAS and the parts have to be installed correctly. With the exception of the RDIAS the parts are neither unavailable or expensive.

    Any pre-May 86 registered machinegun that is transferable to anyone can be willed to anyone who is legally allowed to possess it (passes the background check and lives in a state, or will store the gun in a state, where it is legal). If the gun isn't legal then it cannot be passed on legally, go figure.
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    Landric hit it with the exception that a Class 3 is a dealer and a Class 2 is a manufacturer.

    Also,there is an exemption for the Military and the Police to legally own or purchase full auto weapons but the Military must use a pruchase order and the Police use a letterhead. While cops can possess them, techincally they are "issued" to them as they are owned by the department that bought them. When the cop leaves, dies or retires, the gun stays with the Dept.

    If you aren't in the Miliary or a Cop, the machine must be made prior 1986 to be legal. The only other way is be a 07 FFL with a an 02 SOT. Thats an FFL manufacturer that has an 02 designation on his SOT (Special Occupational Tax). Manufacturers can make what is know as a "dealer sample" for use as a sample to demonstrate to the Police and the Military. The guys with the 07/02 FFLs are a rare breed, there just arent that many of them around. That is not the same thing as a regular 01/02 FFL with an 03 (dealer) , an FFL that can sell or deal in Full autos,silencers,SBR's,SBS's or AOW's. There are lots of them around.

    So...with that being said
    to prevent the further dissemination of bad and wrong advice, I am closing this thread.
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    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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