Metal Storm Weapon

Metal Storm Weapon

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Thread: Metal Storm Weapon

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    Metal Storm Weapon

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    Very impressive!

    That is just GAME OVER!
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    Hmm, smell that? It's the odor of vaporware. This stuff has been around forever yet never seems to come to market with a real, practical weapon (at least one that anyone wants). They've hemorrhaged cash to the point of near bankruptcy, only being saved at the last minute by another investor with an apparent desire to see their money vanish.

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    But I wonder how they load/reload all those rounds...and how long it takes.
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    The key to this will be making the system affordable. While the military may eventually spend money like there's no tomorrow, the average consumer isn't going to replace their brass-cased ammo with something that costs 10 times as much. I always thought the Remington EtronX rifles had a lot to offer. Amazingly fast lock times, a minimum of moving parts, very few mechanical items to break, etc. But with ammo for the system costing what it did and even primers for reloading at $190.00 per 1000, it was never going to catch on.

    Aside from the cost factor, I believe you'd find a huge reluctance to the idea of allowing this into civilian hands from law enforcement agencies. Since the ammo is pre-loaded into a disposable barrel, you'd essentially remove ballistics from crime solving. While I find it an intriguing idea, I doubt we'll see it available anytime in the near future, if ever.

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