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Thread: Cheap gun

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    You could look at some used Smith and Wesson revolvers. These can usually be had for $250 or less. I got a great deal on Model 65 .357 MAG police trade in. A Star BM in 9mm in good shape could be had for around $200. And to quote everyone else the Ruger pistols are a good value also. Used, factory reconditioned Glocks can be had for under or around $350 if you shop hard.
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    Lightbulb Cheap gun...

    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Well - the old cherry eh? The cheap gun

    If not for defensive purposes then we can allow for some slight reliability reduction maybe but - too cheap and if the gun fails terminally - money has been wasted, simple as that.

    I am no fan of Hi-Points but a cheap 9mm for knocking around could well be just this - 9mm for economy too. One and a half C notes should get you this - cheaper even if a used one as they have poor resale value.

    Better tho spend some more and get a P series Ruger in 9mm - a P95 DA/SA secocker, on poly frame, could well be found used for let's say $225 or so - and they are built rugged and shoot pretty well too.

    These are what first come to mind for ''econo-plinking"

    BTW - despite your relaxed specification - I still would NOT waste money on Lorcin, Jennings, Raven etc - leave them out.
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    Won't go to: "Cheap vs. Inexpensive" again.., but will say that I tend to prefer pointing "New Folk" toward a used, but good quality tight lock-up "Wheelie," as you've been know to call 'em from time to time..! I saw a decent early/ tight "J" Frame S&W yesterday for about $200.00 out the door.?! Thats the direction "I" would go to begin with...
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    I would go with a Rossi nib. They are cheap in regards to price but they are awesom wheel guns. Hi Point is not a gun you shoot reguarly at the range, but I will tell you this it is on point and goes bang every time.
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    I own several of the guns mentioned already.
    Good used guns that I'd recommend are-
    Bersa Thunder .380- My go everywhere gun. Great gun and you should find one in your price range if you look around.
    Ruger P89- I own 2 of these and love them. Good value but keep them oiled or they will rust on you.
    Star BM- Kind of heavy compared to modern guns and if you drop it it may fire since it lacks a firing pin block. I had it happen but luckily no major injuries resulted. Still, it's a tac driving sucker that I have put hundreds of rounds through with no problems.

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    I'm with Chris on this, although I don't own one, if I did it would be for cheap plinking, a Hi-Point in 9MM.
    AND, better for reliability and possible re-sale, a Ruger. I do own a P-95 and LOVE it. (not as much as I LOVE my Kimber, but that is not as cheap.)
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    I have a Taurus PT111 Mill Pro that I got for $350 after tax. Ive put about 1000 rds through it and it hasnt jammed once. I also purchased a Bersa .380 Thunder thats also a great jam free gun. ($250) Both are easily concealable a somewhat lightweight if your concerned with comfortability. Ive also seen a couple PT111 Taurus's with stainless slides at my local gun show for $360. I would highly recommend both!

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    Hi-Point or Rossi, new or used. Used Taurus. Used Glocks. CZ-52. Makarov.

    Plenty of good quality, less expensive guns out there for hours of your shooting pleasure.

    Get one of each if you can afford to!

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