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What weapon are you most accurate with?

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Thread: What weapon are you most accurate with?

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    My Taurus PT-92 9mm Beretta knockoff, a big heavy shiny stainless-steel fun gun that shoots better because it is prettier than my ugly-black-practicle-plastic CCW pistols.

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    Back to business now LOL.

    For accuracy, my throwing knifes within 12 feet after that, all bets are off.

    As far guns, my GP100 357 is next and I'm decent up to 15 yards anything further and I can hit, but don't look for great grouping.
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    Good choice Treo, but didn't you find the velocity level after the 1st 12 miles kind of dropped off a little to quickly? It seemed to for my taste.
    I once took out half the targets on the 60 range at Graf W/ one shot from a 110 (W/ a little help from a dumb 2nd Lt ( But I repeat myself) FDO who couldn't read a map.)

    I also have the honor of being the last person in the United States Army to ever fire an M110A2. My unit BTRY B 2/157 FA CONG was the last unit to field the A2 and I got the honor of pulling tail on the last round before we sold them all to Morocco. I still have the lanyard in my garage somewhere
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    Bench shooting or just whatever?
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    A well scoped .22lr rifle.

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    What weapon are you most accurate with?
    I haven't trained with many different varieties of weapons that require aim at a distant target.

    I suppose the most-accurate was a Browning BDM 9mm semi-auto pistol, which I sold in the 1990's. There was just something about the balance that matched well with my well-trained hands and eyes. I had put nearly 40K rounds through it, over time, and it wasn't uncommon for me to be able to cut out a nice circle in the target paper at 10yds. I could shoot pretty much without regard to speed limits out to 15yds and still strike the target within a hand span. Did so a few times during IPSC competitions, as well. Have not been able to duplicate that degree of accuracy with anything else, before or since.

    Major reason: focused training with that exact tool. It made all the difference. Beyond that, the gun was nicely balanced to begin with, which helped. But the training tuned my reflexes to match the gun's recoil signature. Accuracy was the result.

    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    Mauser K98 7x57mm tack driver
    Second in line was an acquaintance's custom Mauser 7x57mm. I had never touched it before, but that specific gun's balance and feel was so perfectly in tune with my shooting skills and expectations for balance/feel. The result was one large, ragged hole for all the shots, at 100yds. Every other rifle has taken me far longer to get used to, but everything about that custom Mauser was simply "right." 3-9x40 scope, modest stock, squared/tuned by a master gunsmith. It was perfection ... and he wasn't selling.
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    Pistol: FEG PA 63 While not grate sights it has proven to be very accurate and in a small package.

    Rifle: Rem model 581 22cal bolt action with 3X9 scope at 100 yards able to hit a quarter with ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrReady View Post
    Ruger 10/22 all the way. I can shoot my other weapons
    good enough but the .22 rifle is where I am best . . .so far.
    Ditto! Ruger 10/22 charger, 2.5x scope, cuts a nice silver dollar sized hole at 25 yards. 50 yards its more scattered, but still on the 8x10 target paper.

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    I'm most accurate a rifle, specifically with my .280 Remington rifle, but I'm not sure that's the point you're after in this thread. When everything is just right, I can get about a 7/8" group at 100 yds with the rifle. But with a pistol (my 1911) that kind of group is possible (and not often) at 15 yds for me.

    On the other hand, the pistol is a wonderful self-defense tool.
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    1911 hands down, followed by my 686.

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    I am most accurate with my Remington model 700 in 22-250.
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    Buckhorn sight rifle
    Vent Rib Shotgun

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    I am most accurate with my G33!

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    Rifle - Winchester model 70 (heavy varmint barrel in .308 and leupold optics)
    Pistol - Sig P220
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    My scoped AR.

    After that, my Buckmark, then my 1911.

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