I recently came across a few guns that were soo awesome and I could not believe they weren't NFA or class 3 items that required the stamp. One of these was the Saiga-12 shotgun - very very cool!!! Another was the PS90 I thought that the overall short size of this would make in an NFA item, but apparently its not becuase the barrel is 16in. Another was the Kel-tec PLR16, how this is considered a handgun is beyone me but very cool anyways and it sucks that if you add a stock to it, it becomes an NFA item.

Anyway, I realized how little I do know and I wanted to start a thread to see what else is out there that some of us may not know about that is very cool and non-NFA. This is open to handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Links and pictures would be good!