Camouflaging a Precision Rifle?

Camouflaging a Precision Rifle?

This is a discussion on Camouflaging a Precision Rifle? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hello, I like camouflaging rifles by wrapping them in burlap or similar if I'm going to hunt with them. However, this has been done mostly ...

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Thread: Camouflaging a Precision Rifle?

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    Camouflaging a Precision Rifle?


    I like camouflaging rifles by wrapping them in burlap or similar if I'm going to hunt with them.

    However, this has been done mostly with military arms - Mosin Nagants, SKS, etc - nothing that's too accurate.

    I was thinking about doing this to my .22LR Savage Mk II BTVS. It has a free floated barrel.

    I'm convinced nothing should touch that barrel.

    How do military snipers go about doing this? They have rifles which are more precise at longer distances than my .22lr, but they seem to camo them up to go with their gillie suits.

    How is this done while maintaining accuracy?

    Thank you,


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    Paint it.
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    Unless you try to wrap burlap between the stock and the barrel, I can't imagine any way that tape or burlap could affect the accuracy. The reason for a free floated barrel is that because as the barrel heats up and then transfers that heat to the stock, the stock can swell and push against the barrel. And by push, I mean with considerable force. Not just from having burlap wrapped around it.

    It's not that the pressure exerted by stock/barrel contact actually warps the barrel but it does change the barrel's resonance. Changing the barrel resonance will change point of impact. I put one of these into my Ruger #1 .204 Varmint Rifle and though it contacts the barrel, it improved accuracy dramatically because it keeps the pressure constant.

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    Hoss is right about changing the resonance, but how much camo you put on it is the kicker. Check out Sniper's Hide and post this up over there. A lot of knowledgable folks with real experience could give you an idea.

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    Paint. Not just paint in a can, but the same paint you put on your face to go into the bush on an objective.

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