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Barrel cleaning/scrubbing

This is a discussion on Barrel cleaning/scrubbing within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by RemMod597 I have yet to see a copper/bronze brush scratch a gun barrel. plus one. i never seen one....

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Thread: Barrel cleaning/scrubbing

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemMod597 View Post
    I have yet to see a copper/bronze brush scratch a gun barrel.
    plus one. i never seen one.
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    I've never heard of copper bore brushes. They're either brass or bronze. Softer than steel of course. Chamber to muzzle...take the brush off the rod before pulling it back to the chamber. Never brush back and forth, or change direction in the middle of the barrel...this should be next to impossible if you're using the correct caliber brush anyway. I recommend the bronze brushes only for the ignored rifle bores, or those shooting lead. For most with seldom use and regular care, the stiff nylon bristle brushes are all you should need, and then only if you see issues in the bore with a bore light or scope. Your choice in cleaning agents and frequency of care will pretty much dictate whether or not you should go above and beyond a normal patch cleaning anyway. Lots of folks do things in a lot of different ways with a lot of different things. Inspecting your rifle's bore is best to determine what is needed. Sometimes soaking with a plug in the muzzle will do jut the same as some frenzied bore brushing. Actual brushing of the bore is something I like to avoid if possible. The Bore Snakes are good...if you want to limit your cleaning once you get your rifle home, take one with you to the range, and run through the bore once or twice while the bore is still warm and you bag it up. Steel is porous to a certain extent, and while it's warm, it will release fouling more easily than after it cools.

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    Compared to the marks left by manufacturing, I don't think you could see any brass brush marks.
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    A bigger problem with scrubbing the bore is the damage done riding the cleaning rod back and forth against the chamber/throat. Apply liberal amount of chemical on patch or use a foam cleaner and let the chem soak in the bore - let it do it's job. Push/wipe out all the crud with a limited number of clean patches. Use a bore guide.

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    A used gun that's really dirty?

    It better be really cheap.

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    For a pistol I always remove the c-clip holding the T-handle on the cleaning rod. This allows pushing the cleaning rod with a patch or brush all the way through the barrel and out, chamber to muzzle without having to unscrew the brush or pull back through the barrel. Patches stay on the jag for multiple passes.

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