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This is a discussion on Got A Question within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It's the holster, try a SOB, works good for me, take a look Galco Springfield XD 9/40 3 Inch S.O.B. Small Of Back Holster FREE ...

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Thread: Got A Question

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    I don't like SOB holsters, but that's just me. I do however love my Supertuck, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an IWB.
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    The Serpa, although a good holster for some purposes is a poor choice for concealment, and that is your problem IMO. If you want to carry OWB find yourself a good pancake type holster. Your SR9 shouldn't be difficult to conceal.

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    Lots of great options in here... HOLSTERS
    With what ever you do get, I'd say you need something with a 15-20 degree cant...tipping the pistol forward will help to hide the grip and actually give you a better draw.IMHO

    I use the Fist #1A IWB, the #12 Basic OWB (holds the gun as close as any IWB), and then the #41 IWB/SOB (with a palm out draw).
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    The problem you are having is something that I have been teaching for years.You must ask yourself, why am I carrying, and what is my percieved, or anticipated threat? You stated you like the capacity of your current carry piece, and that is fine. The problem is hi-cap means it has to be larger. Are you an narc officer in a stake unit? Are you going up a gang of druggies in a shootout? How likley is this to happen? You must learn to balance your needs with reality. Now, I am not knocking your choice of firearm, But if you are accutley aware of your carry gun hanging off your hip, or poking you in the rib cage to the point you worry about it being seen, or have to resort to cheesy, nerd-style clothes to cover it, for everyday run of the mill carry, you ar off to a bad start. Carrying a firearm for protection, is a dicipline that requires commitment , and a willingness to proper evaluate what we are carrying for. I know of many people who tell me that they carry nothing smaller than a good ol 45, but seldom have it on their person, due to its too heavy, too big, ect...and while they are telling me this I smile while I have my hand on the handle of my 642 smith in my front pocket. If at that moment, a self defense situation arose, somebody would be in trouble, and it would'nt be me. If you cannot adopt a firearm that fits your lifestyle unobtrusivly, one of these days you will not be carrying on the worst day of your life. Dressing up in the 511 tactical clothes looks cool in the mags and on tv, but stupid in walmart.

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    As for the ASP baton, it is made for striking soft tissue muscled area such as the common peroneal nerve or te super scapula. Striking the wrong area could result in death or severe permanent damage which could lead to a great lawsuit if you have not recieved the proper traing. Law enforcement has to be certified to carry this. Better to use pepper spray, as it can be used from a distance and is considered safe because it does not due permanent damage. There are many court decisions that have continually upheld the use of pepper spray as a reasonable use of force application.

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    thank you to everyone for the tips, and glockman thank you im actually taking a step back and re-evaluating WHY i got the Ruger. Originally i purchased it to get into competition shooting, then after some research found that the 1911 was better for starters so then i purchased a 1911 for sport and in turn chose to use the SR9 as a carry i do like the idea of the high cap mag but at the same time once the rounds start flying whos actually going to stand around and get shot at 17 times. I dont know im probably going about this all wrong. its a personal issue as im still getting used to carrying in public. Goes back to the old saying "hard to get into a bar fight if your not in a bar". Glockman i also agree with you about the 511 gear yes it does look cool but again doesnt make sense to wear it in walmart. I mean i own everything from a tactical vest to a tactical holster though it does look good just doesnt seem practical.

    To give more insight heres what i do have. a smith n wesson 1911 2 different holsters for it 1 holster is a blackhawk the other is a leather holster that straps over the hammer. a smith n wesson 457 with a leather IWB. then the Ruger SR9 with the serpa and a nylon holster and then of course i have the tactical holster and then one thats attached to my vest that can be removed. sorry for the long post just i get the feeling the added info might help with anymore tips

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    I have been having very good luck with Tagua holsters. I use the Quick Draw available at
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