.40 cal in glock or change to 357 sig barrel

.40 cal in glock or change to 357 sig barrel

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Thread: .40 cal in glock or change to 357 sig barrel

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    .40 cal in glock or change to 357 sig barrel

    Ok now I dont want to start a fight between calibers here I just know quite a bit about the 40 but nothing about the 357 sig and Im looking for input from people who have shot them both, preferably thru a glock

    1 do you gain anything
    2 is the kick worse or better
    3 speed vs size
    4 anything else of importance

    Thanks by the way its a glock 27
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    357 sig is a good round, ballistically. To me it seemed very loud. I would imagine in low light it would have a lot of muzzle flash. I am not sure how well the 9mm bullets work with the added 300 FPS.
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    I have a Glock 32 with the 40 barrel.

    1. I gained more penetration with the .357 sig, during winter months people wear more clothing.

    2. Kicks a little harder, but more of a straight back vs. a the flippy 40

    3. Depending on the load, standard loads 357 sig more speed. 40 slightly bigger round.

    4. Importance .. yes the .357 sig ammo is expensive ! LOL.

    I think the only advantage of the .357 sig is barrier penetration versus the 40. But if you live a warm area the 40 is fine, live up north and people are packing on a lot of clothing I would carry the .357 sig during winter.
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    If you already have the G27, I'd stick with the .40, but if you're considering buying one, I'd go with the G33. I just love the performance of the .357 Sig. Tex answered your questions well.
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    Hey, penetration is always a good thing, but honestly? There ain't much difference in service caliber pistol rounds. 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 or .357 Sig all do perty much the same job with perty much the same result. Why modify your gun? (Not smart for a defensive piece anyway).

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    You'll find there's a noticeably louder report with the .357 SIG round, and, if you're shooting from a covered area, there'll be more muzzle blast concussion felt.

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    Its a good round but I don't care for it. What purpose does it have? I don't know ...maybe just to be different. I decided to get rid of my 357Sig after doing much much reading on it. Yes, I still have my 9 and 40 and probably won't ever get rid of them.
    Imo it really seemed like an in-between round of the 9 and 40. The 9 and 40 can do the same, about the same, or if not better than the 357Sig. Plus the increased muzzle flash, and recoil, and sound really wasn't a "ooo look its shiny" sell point to keep it. I purchased it on a impulse buy ooops lol.
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    I can't speak to the Glock.

    However, I had a Sig 2340 with both barrel.

    My experience was about the same as Tx1911 plus the point of impact between the two was quite a bit more different that between different loads in the same caliber.

    I suspect the same might be true w/ a Glock
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    Several friends of mine have had a assortment of glocks chambered in .40S&w. Everyone of them at some point have tried a .357 SIG barrel in their respective guns. None of them went back to the 40.

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    I have swapped out my .40 for the 357sig in my G27 and I like the round a lot. I have the .40 barrel in my range case for practice fire. .40 is a lot cheaper and more readily available.
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    I am a big fan of the 357Sig , I have 40 & 357 barrels for my G27 and Sig229. I wear hearing protection when I shoot so I don't really notice any difference in the report, and the 357Sig may have a little more snap in the recoil, but not that much.

    I get my 40S&W ammo for free, so I do shoot it (40) more, but shoot the 357Sig quite a bit and carry it more.

    The 357Sig has better ballistics across the board, but there is absolutly nothing wrong with the .40S&W.

    As for it being a bad idea to modify your carry gun, this really isn't a modification, it is only a barrel swap, slide, frame, guide rod, and magazines are all the same, and I bought factory barrels, so I don't think it matters at all. I've never had a problem with the Glock or Sig, which were both 40s, when using the 357Sig barrel. You can even order the Sig229 from the factory with both barrels, so if it comes from the factory with both barrels, then obviously the factory doesn't consider this (non)modification a problem.

    Buy a barrel, $125 or so and then you have both!

    I think you will like it!
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    i know that the people that change over to the 357sig like it and stay with it. to me it is an increased muzzle flash, recoil, and sound over the 40 s&w. but several of the local departments have gone to it and turned in their 40's, 45's, and 9's.
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    With a short Bbl. I prefer the 40 and with longer Bbl's I like the 357 Sig. 357 has a "sharper" quick recoil but I find follow ups to be faster than the slower shove of the heavier 40. The 357 Sig is the most accurate Pistol cartridge that I have ever fired compared to 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 380, 32 or 25. The 45acp 185 gr. is second IMHO.

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    I'm planning on getting a G22 and then conversion barrels in 9mm and .357 Sig. The ability to shoot 3 different rounds is too good to pass up to me. Since this isn't meant to be a CC firearm, I'm not too concerned about any "mod" issues. I also reload, so availability and cost of ammo isn't a big concern to me.
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