How used are these S&W cop-gun trade-ins?

How used are these S&W cop-gun trade-ins?

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Thread: How used are these S&W cop-gun trade-ins?

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    How used are these S&W cop-gun trade-ins?

    Today, I once again resisted buying redundant guns, though it was tempting, at Vance Outdoors, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio: Stainless-steel Smith & Wesson [Model 4043] .40 caliber and [Model 6946] 9 mm semi-automatic police trade-ins. With the .40 caliber, you get three magazines, a duty holster and a double-mag pouch for $279. With the 9 mm, you get two magazines. How used are these guns? I assume not much, maybe 100 rounds per year for police qualification? I don't need either of these guns, but being stainless steel Smiths, they might be a good deal.

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    Depends on how "used" and the care they got. I've seen some that were taken care of like they were a hammer, and others that were well taken care of. It also depends upon how long they had the gun, but here... it would be about a minimum of 100 rds a month. They are required to put in X amount of time at the range each month.

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    You are right...most are carried a little shot a lot. The 40 calibers however are known to have barrels cracking. So check them thoroughly. The 3rd gen Smiths are built like tanks and a great values if you check in to them before you buy.
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    Will they let you take them to someone to have them checked out (I would take that they don't allow it, but I have to ask). I'm sorry, a gun is one thing that I'm very fickle on buying used, I have to know the person very good before I would buy a used gun off of them.
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    Vance's is the only dealer I've found in central Ohio that sells used LE sidearms. I've purchased two from him. The lastest a Sig P229 that was issued to a lawman in Texas. He gets them from all over the country. If one can get past the scratches, dirt and grim and remember these guns were working street firearms, not safe queens, you can get a deal. Only departmental qualification rounds down the barrel. Take it home, strip it down and give her a good cleaning and polish job. I believe they make a great range gun, HD, or one you might toss under the seat of your truck.
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    It depends. You might get one that was never issued and sat on a shelf in the armory for years, or you might get one that was issued to Officer Tackleberry. They run the full range just like any other used gun. The only advantage is usually they have had a qualified armorer looking after them their entire service life.
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    Probably more wear and tear from holsters and climbing in and out of cars than firing wear. Look past the external wear and at the action. That's what matters. Holster wear can be refinished.
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    I would think the 6946's are probably in better cosmetic shape since they were most likely carried by detectives.
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    Depends on the officer that carried the particular gun. When I was an LEO, some officers shot thousands of reloads through their guns, while others only fired them for qualification. Some guns sat in desk drawers while others saw duty in all types of rough and tumble situations.
    I would examine it thoroughly prior to purchase.
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    I bought a 6906 9mm previous cop gun from summit gun brokers,lots of holster wear but barrel was in good condition and it functioned flawlessly with lead reloads and 9mm 124 grn +P HST
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    My comments are pretty much going to mirror those already given above.

    I've bought lots of ex LE firearms over the years including shotguns, handguns, and my Mini 14. They all needed a good strip down and clean up but I've yet to get burned. In fact I've rotated a1972 vintage ex Brandon (Manitoba) City Police Colt Cobra into my list of EDC's.
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    I think I saw on S&W 5906's from a California PD, looked like new in the pics. I have a 5906 that i bought new in 1995, I love it. At least 10000 rounds thru it! NEVER 1 failure !
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    Most of my LEO friends duty guns only get shot once a year for qual's. Besides - S&W's have lifetime warranty's.
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    get it not a bad price. guns american got a new one (4340) for $650.00 and a used police trade in for $450.00. s&w got a lifetime warranty. also most duty guns don't get shot much, they ride in a holster most of their life.
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    Are departments still carrying these guns, or have they been sitting in an armory for years?
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