A Present for Obama

A Present for Obama

This is a discussion on A Present for Obama within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; President Bush just recieved a Shotgun from Beretta and the NRA presented Sarah Palin with a personalized AR. And I am sure other politicians have ...

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Thread: A Present for Obama

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    A Present for Obama

    President Bush just recieved a Shotgun from Beretta and the NRA presented Sarah Palin with a personalized AR. And I am sure other politicians have recieved firearms as well.

    Now I dislike Obama just as much as most of you here. But the fact is he's the President and simply hating him won't change anything.

    Why doesn't the NRA gift a firearm to Obama. He most likely wouldn't be able to refuse it for PR reasons. Maybe somehow get him to go shooting. Has he ever fired a gun in his life? Alot of politicians shoot skeet. Maybe he could grow to like it. (a long shot I know)

    I know many will see it as a waste of a gun, but I think it would be a good gesture by the NRA.
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    All that follows is purely my HO, naturally. That said, I would be willing to wager that BHO would most definitely refuse the offer, and make his refusal as publicly known, (through sources of course), as possible.
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    I say give the gift and force his hand, he has already offended all his supporters, what more harme could he do to himself. Id love to see it
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    This is interesting........

    I'm torn between suggesting a comical choice, a serious choice or one to piss him off choice.........

    This thread could be very entertaining..........

    How about:

    -Cricket in .22lr for him to teach his daughters how to shoot.
    -Blinged out Nickel Taurus with gold accents.
    -AR15 (any will do)
    -A double shotgun & an invitation to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

    Have there been any presidents that didn't get a gun from either the NRA or some gunmaker?
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    I think the NRA already gave him a specially made custom presentation firearm.

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    This is the one that crossed my mind:

    [edited - QK was quicker than me, his post wasn't there when I did mine!]

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    Now that I've calmed down... Seriously though, I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I think a gift coming from the NRA would be the best approach, and a personalized AR-15 (tactical) platform - type gun would be very nice. And no, I do not mean this with any ill intent or sarcasm. If he refused to accept, so be it.

    It would just be nice to give to the President, and perhaps he would even enjoy going out for a day of sport shooting.(?)

    Surely the man has done some type of sport shooting in his lifetime !?!?!
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    If he doesn't want it, I will take it...
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    Hmmm, how about a "Salesman of the Decade" plaque?
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    BHO deserves a firearm about like he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize..
    Like 'What did I do to get this thing?' 'What did I do to get this thing?'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katana View Post
    Hmmm, how about a "Salesman of the Decade" plaque?
    How about Century?
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    I've done a bit of cleanup and ask that you keep it on topic and think before you post. Thanks.

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    I think BO had his hopes on recieving one of those German Heckler guns. Someone told him they come with some Coke

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    with such a silly suggestion to send Obama a complimentary firearm, it may as well be something that he, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Clinton, et al, consider to be perfectly representative of firearms in general

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    Thanks for cleaning it up.

    I have no use for BHO, believe me! But, no matter what his political views are, it doesn't warrant those types of comments.
    Just my two cents, and I'll leave it at that.

    As far as him being interested in accepting a firearm, most likely he would personally, but would have to refuse in order to please his supporters. I'm sure the sheeple would have a fit if that were to happen! Nevertheless, it would show good gesture to offer it to him, IMHO. I see nothing particularly wrong with it.

    Interesting thought... would he accept or refuse? Hmmm..........
    I would love to see him offered a tactical gun and let him see just how enjoyable they can be to sport shoot!
    I cannot see him "never shooting a gun." I sometimes think he's just the tool, behind a large voice of ignorant sheeple.
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