An interesting day

An interesting day

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Thread: An interesting day

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    An interesting day

    Had some interesting things happen today. First off, my 16 year old daughter decided she wanted to go to the range today with me and my 82 y.o. dad. She's never had any interest in shooting before.

    So we start her off on a .22 lr pistol. She does well, shoots a couple clips worth at close range and hits the target nicely. I ask if she'd like to try one of my 9mms. She says yes, and does this first time out at 25 yards:

    Note the shot outside the circle was my dad fooling around, and that the hole by the number 10 is really two holes. She shot all 7 in the black with one dead center bullseye at 25 yards first time ever at the range, first time ever with a 9mm pistol!

    I am so proud!

    And then the kicker. When we get back, my wife asks when she can go and try it out! She's never shot a gun in her life and has had zero interest!

    I'm proud of my girls tonight!

    And dad had a great time shooting with his only granddaughter. He's a WW2 vet, and has always been a advocate for armed citizens. Made him proud too.


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    Very well done!!!
    Nothing beats shooting like a girl
    Tell her congrats from all of us here
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    Grandpa, dad and daughter at the range? Doesn't get much better than that...
    Looks like another woman who can shoot.
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    That's some good shooting there!

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    It's nice when family shows interest. The bonding.:)

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    Very cool!

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    What a wonderful family fun day! Congratulations, you SHOULD be very proud. Your daughter seems to have talent right from the box! And to have both your daughter and your wife beginning to come around on the same day is just incredible. Be sure to update us on our daughter's progress- her "First handgun of her own, her progress as a shooter, and of course how your wife takes to shooting. Darn, I would love for my wife to go to the range more with me, she's only been once, to familiarize herself with them in case she should need to have one handy should I be out of town when there's a suspicious situation around. I would really be thrilled if I could get her to carry, but I've only succeeded in getting her to use pepper spray, a stun gun, and more recently, a Taser.

    So be proud, dad. You've done a good job raising your child, if this is an indication.
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    That's awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugergirl View Post
    Very well done!!!
    Nothing beats shooting like a girl
    Tell her congrats from all of us here
    that is so true...i recently took my 9 year old daughter and wife of 28 years to the range for the first time...wife didnt have choice cause our daughter is showing interest now...they both shot like daughter put em on paper at 15 yards with the wife zeroed right in with the .22 and then made me real proud with the 9...and their both showing more interest now... is more fun as a family...

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    Excellent groupings! Well done to her, and I am glad you guys had a good and safe time.
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    Don't forget how evil guns are! How terrible that your family was bonding and doing it safely at a range.

    Sorry, sarcasm keeps getting the better of me.

    I'm glad your family is taking an interest in shooting. Looks like they're pretty good too.
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    What a great post!
    Thanks for sharing that special day with us. It's a memory your daughter will never forget.
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