Well the wifey & I decided to scrap buying the SIG238 due to to multiple poor performance reviews posted out there & our own personal experience recently shooting one. Let's just say the reviews are RIGHT and leave it at that. (SIG has got some work to do..)

Sooooo....."we" decided to take what we'd already put down in $$$ on the P238 and take a little of our income tax return and "swap" for a new 22lr Conversion Kit for my SIGSauer 226SCT and an extra mag. ($325)

After a good initial cleaning/lubing (Shooter's Choice Synth Grease) I had a chance to take it to the range last Monday night and put 200rnds of CCI 40grn 22LR thru it. (SIG recommended)

Now initially the "break-in" was a little dis-concerning - due to that I physically had to push the slide forward with my thumb about 1/2" for the return spring to have enough "oomph" to strip a round off the mag and close the breach.

It appeared that the slide itself was getting "hung-up" on the very tip of the hammer face? - That and about 4 FTF's per 10rnd mag and that's pretty much how the 1st 100rnds went.

Now I understand break-in quirks and getting a feel for how this set-up was going to work, but needless to say I was becoming disappointed.

UNTIL- (I got a wee bit cranky.....) & rapid fired 2 fully loaded mags in succession. FLAWLESS!?!?! Not one FTF or slide sticking - Not 1 issue.
AND The next 80rnds - smoooth....and accurate 1" groupings at 12yrds.

The only other observation I took note of when I field stripped the gun for cleaning was the VERY obvious frame rail wear. - WOW? The 22 slide sure polished up a few areas that the stock 9mm one never touched. So much so.. the red Shooter's Choice grease/lube was now a milky light grey?

SO I switched to a little tube of SIG grease I picked up and IMHP may have "over-greased" it.... to cut down on any MORE significant wear. I did some GOOGLE'n and found that both SIG Mosquito & the 22LR Conversion(s) are noted for having to be OVER-LUBED. I'll see on my next trip to the range.

Soooo.... overall I'm pleased it seems to work and is a pretty accurate shooter. ON the hmmmmm.... side - I'll be watching the frame wear like a hawk.

Ideas? Opinions? Tips?

Thanks all - had to share & I'll post some pics.