Got to help someone at the range yesterday...

Got to help someone at the range yesterday...

This is a discussion on Got to help someone at the range yesterday... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Although I've owned gun for many years now I still feel like I've only scratched the surface. The past couple of years I've started making ...

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Thread: Got to help someone at the range yesterday...

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    Got to help someone at the range yesterday...

    Although I've owned gun for many years now I still feel like I've only scratched the surface. The past couple of years I've started making more trips to the range and learning how to shoot properly. I have to admit that being involved with websites like this one have allowed me to learn more than I realize.

    Anyway...long story even longer. I was taking the P45, freshly back from the mothership on a test run and noticed a young couple next to me having trouble with one of their guns. He was shooting a Springfield XD9 and his wife/girlfriend was shooting a Ruger P95 that she had just bought that day. Her gun kept jamming every couple of rounds and you could tell she was getting frustrated.

    He walked over to me, no doubt because of my awesome, and asked me if I had ever seen so much trouble from a new gun. After a few questions he asked if I would shoot it and see what I thought. No problem...I loaded a magazine and it went bang every time.

    I politely gave her a quick lesson on how to grip the gun and suggested she try it again. Sure enough...bang, bang, bang...every pull of the trigger. Yep, you probably guessed it. She was limp wristing the gun. 10-15 minutes later all I saw was smiles and high fives as she shot one mag after another.

    He came over a little while later and thanked me for helping both of them out as he said my advice actually helped him tighten his group as well. It felt good to know I had made a difference and it was pretty cool to watch the frustration turn to joy.
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    It's a good feeling when you assist someone and they really appreciate it. You 'dun' good sir.

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    Just about every time I go to the range I learn something new. It seems like I always strike up a conversation about a gun or ammo pr something.
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    Well done Captain!

    That's how we encourage more people to take up shooting!

    A few years from now they'll be the ones helping out the newbies!
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    A good private range is a great place to meet new friendly faces. It sounds like you were able to make some pro-gunners even happier about their range time. Nice job!
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    That's awesome! Kind of makes your day in a way. I've been put on the spot lots of times at the range and helped out where I could. It means a lot to dedicate some time to others and lending a hand in propagating the shooting sports. Sometimes I've thought to myself when approached....this is cutting into MY range time. The reality of it is you help someone become a better handler at firearms and give us all less of a bad rap in the long run. Kind of like keeping a code of silence among brothers. Personally, I come out for the better on a range day after helping someone with issues......and it seems to save me on ammo I would have spent had something not interfered with my time at the range. It's a good thing to assist a fellow shooter or newbie at the range. You may never know the results of your impact on them and what they'll do with the advice and tutelage you've given them in time of need. But rest assured both of you will be better after the transaction.

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    Congrats! Things like that are one of the main reasons I enjoy being a Range Safety Officer at my range. Well that and everyone is so nice! I mean after I turn down a chance to shoot their guns twice they ask me a third time, denying them on the third time is just rude and poor taste!

    Seriously though I do enjoy helping out anyone and everyone I can when I can its one of the rewards of shooting that don't cost anything but a little time and patience. I'll help young and old with stances, grips, and anything that I know a little about or that I see someone doing wrong.

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    I've had a few fantastic people help me while out at my range, and I appreciate it greatly. It's a great thing you did, and one day I hope to pass on some help as well.
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    It made their day and made your day to, win win that is nice.
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    I am glad you have a good feeling. Think about what you did for for their day. They had went and plunked down a wad of cash for something that turned out to be junk. Enough to make you sick. Couple of pointers from an "old pro" at the range and it's working like a top. Good job.
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    That is why I am an instructor! I get to play with firearms all day, meet people who share a common interest, and help those people when they struggle, need advice, or need to be a better marksman. Its truly a great feeling to witness someone take your advice and make something happen that puts a smile on their face.

    Good job!

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    Always great to help someone out, and see the smile of satisfaction on their face afterwords.

    Now the question is, did you turn them on to
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    Awsome, way to go

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    Way to go! You might have saved her from putting her gun away forever.

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    Sounds like you helped to make it fun for them!!
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