Snap caps...???

Snap caps...???

This is a discussion on Snap caps...??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Went to bass pro and was gonna buy some for my 9mm and they were almost thirty bucks, I would rather spend that thirty on ...

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Thread: Snap caps...???

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    Snap caps...???

    Went to bass pro and was gonna buy some for my 9mm and they were almost thirty bucks, I would rather spend that thirty on ammo. Question is it true about using a pencil eraser for dry firing???, seems to me like it would not damage the firing pin.
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    Order some cheap ones online if you're real price sensitive...

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    I could and should start using them while doing the practice that I should be doing for free and at home before I roam to shoot bullets at paper.

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    I'd like to hear about the eraser thing. I am not real price sensitive, but spending that much money on a snap cap is silly.

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    Are snap caps used to prevent firing pin damage from dry fire? Wouldn't need them for my Kahr, right?

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    you can dry fire your Kahr without snap caps all day long..... you can not dry fire your KelTec (without possible damage) without snap caps.

    Snap caps are more suited (in most modern handguns that don't require their use to prevent damage) for malfunction/clearing drills


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    The only reason I use snap caps is for training myself or others in failure drills. Heres what I do. Load a mag and throw in some snap caps, mixed in. Hand it to a student, bang, bang, click.... what to do???

    It also works well with catching flinching, anticipating the shot, immediate action.

    In some cases (depends on firearm) dry firing your firearm will damage the firing pin. Using a snap cap greatly diminishes the chances of this happening. I would not use an eraser or anything other than snap caps. $30 is outrageous! How many came in the package? I have seen them in one of the shops I work at for $10 for 5 caps.

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    I always balked at the prices of snap caps as well. Thankfully none of my hand guns require snap caps to dry fire. I do however make dud rounds when i reload to insert into the mag of my shooting buddies to catch flinching. They do the same. Works like a charm!

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    I've got a set of AZoom snap caps that have lasted pretty well. I use them every time I go to the range in the middle of my mags for malfunction clearing drills, and also so I can see if I'm jerking, flinching, etc. They have a little chipping on the case rims, but they still function fine.

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    I use them to get newbies used to loading magazines.

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    $30 sounds too high. Azoom makes the best and they are usually $14 or so for a pack of five. Be sure you are not buying "weighted dummy rounds" which have no rubber in the primer pocket and are useless as far as I can tell.
    I keep Azoom snap caps in all my firearms as cheap insurance.

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    Have someone load you up some ammo with spent primer, no powder with bullet. Paint them red with a sharpy. Cheaper and more realistic than snap caps for drills and practice.
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    I load dummy rds. for .40 S&W,.45ACP, 5.56 and 7.62X51.

    I fill the primer pockets with Silicone after seating the bullets.
    Smooth off level, let setup and you have Snapcaps or dummy rds. that will last 1,000's of dryfires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIXIETWISTER View Post
    Went to bass pro and was gonna buy some for my 9mm and they were almost thirty bucks, I would rather spend that thirty on ammo. Question is it true about using a pencil eraser for dry firing???, seems to me like it would not damage the firing pin.
    The snap caps are easily worth the cost.

    I've dryfired and used my aluminum ones so much in dry fire & malfunction drills, I needed to replace them.

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    Snap caps sure are nice, but I agree that they seem to cost a lot.

    I probably only think that because I keep losing them
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