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This is a discussion on AD v. ND within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; mostly semantics and matters little what you call it if someone gets hurt. I do think there is a difference if you wanna split hairs ...

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Thread: AD v. ND

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    mostly semantics and matters little what you call it if someone gets hurt. I do think there is a difference if you wanna split hairs though. I've had what I think could be called an AD, but never an ND.

    I was at the range with a friend and her new Taurus- a gun I'd never handled or fired. I stepped up to the line and loaded it, prepared to fire and squeezed the trigger and -nothing. I tried again...checked just no go bang. I kept the weapon pointed downrange and called her over. I said it doesn't work, she said "what?" I squeezed the trigger several times while saying "See? It just won't -" BANG! Surprised the heck out of me.

    that gun just has a terrible trigger and a 50 pound pull. Surprised the heck out me...i violated none of the rules and cant say i acted negligently, but i truly didn't think that thing was gonna go off so I will say the discharge was accidental.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule View Post
    While I believe there is no such thing as "accidentally" pulling
    the trigger , guns do break and thus there ARE on rare occasions
    accidental discharges.
    Thats' closest to my opinion. There are accidental discharges, they just are very rare. 99.9% of discharges are not accidental, but negligent.

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    ADs happen when there is a mechanical failure or design flaw of the gun, which causes it to fire through no fault of the owner. these are possible, and cdan happen.

    NDs happen through pure carelessness, and is entirely the fault of the owner.

    ADs/NDs aren't a matter of semantics; there is a very real difference between the two.

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    AD's may occasionally happen, just like winning the lottery in two different states on the same day...not often...but mechanical failures have been known to happen.
    Usually, careless people want to refer to a ND as an AD...but they most certainly are...ND's.
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    I voted no AD, but I would like to change my vote. Some manufacturers have had recalls lately for accidental discharge --LCP-- I'm looking at you.
    So I believe that some manufacturers can have entire product lines that are bad. And if that can happen, then surely a single unit out of a line can be bad, and prone to accidental discharge.

    Although I believe most of the time it is ND instead of AD, but it is still possible.

    EDIT- Wow looks like Ruger is the King of accidental discharge. They even recommend not chambering a round.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Calley View Post
    If that kind of tragedy occurred while I was holding that Remington, I just couldn't take it: I'd like to think I'd have the guts to fire the 700 one very last time that morning; but it wouldn't be an accidental or a negligent discharge...

    Not if you have other kids that need you....
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    there are two types of HOLY SHOOT OOPS!!!

    Negligent Discharges and Mechanical Malfunciton-Breakages

    The answer of it just went off!! Statistically doesn't happen unless your finger or some other snag pulls the trigger. That means you are not in control of your weapon and should have been more vigilant.

    I will aquiess that it is possible to have breakage or wear that could cause a round to fire, but they are few and very far between.
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    Mechanical failures are highly exaggerated, People don't like the word negligent. Don't be negligent in your inspections and maintenance routine. If you don't know what your inspecting, pay to have a regular inspection done at a smith like you do with your car, furnace or any other piece of mission critical equipment.

    There are no accidents even with mechanical failures.

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    A stupid play on words much like ongoing firearm/weapon argument.

    Accident are, in general, caused by negligence, but if there was no intent, it's still an accident.

    Leave these silly arguments to the lawyers. They get paid a great deal to make stupid plays on words.
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    The only thing I would consider to be an accidental discharge is a mechanical malfunction, all else are through negligence.
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    Didn't vote in the poll. Most are ND's but AD's do happen.
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    AD is when it happens to you.

    ND is when it happens to someone else.

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    Excellent list of the possibilities.

    You are spot on with the descriptions, and they make each of us think and act even more carefully than normal.

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    Just watched a special where a deer rifle went without input from the owner. The discharge was able to be duplicated by crime lab. Guys wife was killed.

    Now how many people believe in automobile accidents?
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    When no charges are filed it is an AD.

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