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Thread: Glock OEM Speedloader

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    I thought it was just me....I think it's a POS.....either that or I'm retarded....the jury is still out!

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    Try the LULA. It's worth the $$, I used it the first time I ever fired a handgun (.45 glock I think it was the 21) and I brought one when I purchased my EDC. I even recruited my friend he now swears by them.
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    FTFs with "Glock" magazines...

    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I've never had a problem with full mags in my G30. Or the G21 mag I use in it.
    Ok, at the time I made my post I hadn't ever had a problem either.

    Not so today. I had my range time today. The glock is still very very new to me (I've had it about 10 days...?) but I've got about 700ish rounds through it so far. I've been busy.

    Anyway, I have two 15 round Glock magazines that I have been loading sometimes with difficulty but that have given me zero trouble in terms of firing/chambering etc.

    Today is the first time I actually loaded and shot using my aftermarket non-Glock uber hi-cap 33 round magazine.

    I had heard (by one retailer at the local gun show a few weeks ago, who claimed he no longer sold these mags for this reason) that these very high capacity magazines were unreliable, causing misfeeds and FTFs.

    My dear bf had piped in with the opinion that mag-related misfeeds and FTFs were most often experienced in the last couple rounds of fully-loaded magazines (irrespective of the total capacity of the magazine). His guidance has been to underload all of my magazines by 2-3 bullets so as to train and plan to avoid any potential misfeeds.

    So, basically, I rarely load my 15 round mags to capacity for not one but two reasons: 1) its too hard on my poor thumbs to load them to capacity and 2) I'm given to believe that loading them to capacity is less than desirable due to the likelihood to misfeed.

    So, today at the range having decided to shoot two boxes not just one, I went ahead and loaded both 15 round mags and then went on to partially load the 33 round mag.

    Even with the autoloaders (the HKS I mentioned before, the Glock provided one that a friend loaned me, and the upLula that a friend used on my behalf) the 33 round magazine can't really be loaded beyond about 20 rounds at the moment because the springs are that tight. My friend, who happens to be an instructor, used the upLula to load 15 rounds then, I'm assuming based on feel, told me it was "full". I managed to get it up to about 20 before I had to give up.

    Anyway long story short (you wish!) I did actually get a misfeed from the uber mag.

    The 15 round mags operated just fine, even when fully loaded. No issues, no headaches, much easier to load now that they've got a couple weeks of spring use under their belts.

    The non-Glock magazine may or may not be a terrific idea. For now, I will be using it only for target practice and not be considering it a viable choice in an SD situation unless its absolutely vital. I think what I'd rather do is just get some more Glock-brand mags for the event I'd need more than 30 rounds in an SD situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    It is me, or is the Golck OEM speedloader that came with my new
    G30 a piece of dung? I have better luck and can do it more quickly NOT using the speedloader... just my fingers and thumb. Am i doing something wrong? Also, i can only get 9 rounds in the magazine. I think this is normal but am not sure. Any help? Thanks. Bunker
    Well, it is pretty tough to get the G30 mags to full capacity initially for sure. If you use the OEM loading tool, you can use it effectively. Personally, I usually just load my mags with my fingers, or up until the point they are too difficult to load the last couple of rounds into. Got an Uplula mag loader a month ago but have yet to try it out loading several magazines for competition. The Glock factory mag loading tool functions well for the basic need, but you can do better. I have so many of them it's unreal, and usually have one with me whatever I'm doing and no matter where I go just in case. I have lost skin and bled some loading mags without.

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