Relocating to GA?

Relocating to GA?

This is a discussion on Relocating to GA? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have lived in FL for 14 years and we are moving back to GA. From the few minutes of research that I did last ...

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Thread: Relocating to GA?

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    Relocating to GA?

    I have lived in FL for 14 years and we are moving back to GA. From the few minutes of research that I did last night you will need to be a resident before applying for your permit.

    It looks that I will have a lapse in my carry permit. My question is for any of you that have been through this. What do I need to do/know to make this go smoothly and avoid any additional delays?

    Thank you!

    (I realize that I need to become more familiar with GA carry laws and will do that before I move)

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    This might help. Good luck.
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    There is a lot of good info regarding applying for your GFL and Georgia laws regarding carry here...

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    Not a legal answer but something to ask.

    Since you are now a FL resident, and you won't be a GA resident until you've been there for Six months (or so?), doesn't that make you a FL resident until then? After all, if not a GA Res, you must be a FL Res, right? You have to be a resident of some state.

    The two states do have reciprocy, so your FL CWFL should be good until you meet the requirements of GA residency, when you should apply for DL license, vehicle reg, etc.
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    What I would do if I were you is when you get to Georgia after you get utilities hooked up at your Georgia address,go down to DMV and get a Georgia state I'd card. Keep your FL drivers license/tags for the 6 months it takes to obtain your GA residence status.

    After which time you can go down and change your DL/tags to GA and apply for you GA carry permit at that time. This way there is no lapse in your carry permit. Another thing you can do is if GA honors FL nonresident permits,you can simply change your FL DL/tags over to GA ones. Then notify DOA here in FL of your move to GA in writing and request a new FL permit reflecting your GA address be mailed to your new GA address. Florida does issue resident or nonresident permits it only issues permits to carry a concealed weapon or firearm. If GA honors FL nonresident permit this would be the easiest thing to do.
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    You could just get a NH non-resident, but it may be that GA only accepts out of state permits if you are not a resident of GA. If so that would seem to imply that once your residence becomes GA, you would have to not carry for the time that it takes to process your new GA permit.
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    I had a Connecticut CCL when I moved to Georgia (no recip). As soon as I established my residence in GA, I applied for my GA license. It was a very quick turn-around I believe because I had already been licensed in another state - just my opinion.
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    I would say that since you become a state resident after being there for 6 months, and you have a FL permit, that you would be a FL resident for the duration of that 6 months and hence covered by your FL permit and reciprocity agreement.

    Only thing would be whether or not you can apply for the GFL prior to that 6 mo. time frame, if so.. do so. If not, then once the 6 mo. is up they would see it as you are a GA resident and your FL permit would be invalid. That's my thoughts on it.

    I moved from GA to VA 2 years ago. I had a GFL and VA does not have reciprocity with GA, so I was not covered until I established residency in VA and got my CHP for VA. Ofcourse VA has OC for non CHP holders. Right after I got my VA CHP, I applied for a NH non-resident permit which covers me for GA. Now I can travel down home to GA to visit my parents and can carry from VA all the way down with no problem.
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    If you move into Chatham Co., plan on them taking about as long as the law will allow before issuing a permit. Not only that, you will have to provide a SSN while being fingerprinted (even though the law says you don't have too) or else they will not issue you a permit.

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