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This is a discussion on Dunk-It Gun Cleaner within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've mentioned it in some earlier threads, but many times I've pulled the grips/stock off of a firearm and put it in the shower. Turn ...

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Thread: Dunk-It Gun Cleaner

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    I've mentioned it in some earlier threads, but many times I've pulled the grips/stock off of a firearm and put it in the shower.

    Turn the shower on HOT, get an old coat hanger and use it to hold the gun. Stand on a stepstool and stay outside of the shower but hold the gun over the shower door right in the stream of hot water. Rotate the gun in the stream, the longer you keep it in the stream the better. Remove wet gun from the shower, grab with an old towel, shake, rotate and shake some more. The heat will evaporate most of the water. Lube and reassemble clean gun.

    Do not attempt this while wife is in the shower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merischino View Post
    well.... that's a relief? Seriously though, I'd be more scared than angry. Scared that some corrosive or otherwise toxic substance would everafter become a part of our food/eating cycle.

    Dishwashers are meant to be a one-purpose machine for the reason of sanitation. For a different, less scary example, washing sneakers in a dish washer is possible but arguably if a machine is needed they ought to be washed in a washing machine because you don't eat the other stuff that gets washed in a washing machine. Stuff you walk on in your sneakers (let's not get graphic) that gets washed off those sneakers and leaves residue on the inside of the machine, is best left on the inside of a non-alimentary machine like a washing machine.

    Now, apply that same argument to the dishwasher, but with metal shavings, motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, braking fluid you name it. Sure, the motorcyle motor could fit in the dishwasher. Sure, the agitation of the water in a dishwasher won't damage the motor like the agitation of the doohickey in a washing machine. But the issue isn't really about the motor. Or about the later funcionality of the dishwasher (which could perhaps have been damaged by the act. It's a health/potential poisoning concern.

    I will not beat a dead horse.... again. I will just say I'm sure glad you're both ok.
    I'd think it would be like a toilet, I wouldn't want to drink out of the bowl (even after it's been flushed), but the water tank shouldn't be any problem(unless you use those blue thing'es in there).
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    Thank you all for the comments! Been a pretty enlightening thread. The muzzle loader comment from, Hogdaddy, is right on. Hot water and Dawn is the prefered method. Sounds odd but he is right.

    Perhaps the dishwasher method is, afterall, not that bad!

    I have to wonder though now how an ultrasonic tank and Hopps #9 would do? Or an ultrasonic cleaner and some other less harmfull cleaner would work? Suppose an ultrasonic tank would loosesn screws?

    I have a small 8"x8" tank for cleaning electromechanical components used in industrial manufacturing equipment (mills, lathes and gantry plasma torches).

    Interesting thread! And thanks, all.

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