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Changing from .40 to 9mm

This is a discussion on Changing from .40 to 9mm within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I also recently have started to consolidate my calibers. I went from a Glock 27 to a Glock 19 and I absolutely love it. I ...

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Thread: Changing from .40 to 9mm

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    I also recently have started to consolidate my calibers. I went from a Glock 27 to a Glock 19 and I absolutely love it. I bought one with the rough texture finish (RTF) and it's hands down the best grip I've ever felt on any handgun.

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    I've been consolidating calibers as well. I got a G19 and a G26. Great carry set up for year around.. The G19 in the cooler months and the smaller G26 in the summer. All my back-up mags are G19 (15) rounders...
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    Hate it but you might have to go smaller than a 9 ? there is not that grat a difference in felt recoil. you might go from shooting fifty with the 40 to shooting 60 with the nine.
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    I just hate getting rid of a gun once I acquire one. I would sell something else to get the G-19 before I got rid of my G-23, but that's just me.

    As far as caliber wars goes... I see absolutely no problem in wanting to shoot 9mm.

    I started out with 9mm, then went to .45 acp and to .40 cal. Now I'm back shooting a 9mm again more often than not. (XD9sc vs. G-23)

    The thing is, I still have all my old guns, with the exception of the original S&W 459 9mm I started with. Again, I just hate getting rid of a gun once I've acquired it. Something about "you can never have too many" or something along those lines.

    But +1 on the G-19. You won't be disappointed with either the weapon or the caliber!

    BTW... I know a little something about caliber change because of injury. I have some minor nerve damage in my arm from a shoulder injury years ago. I've shot the G-23 in .40 cal for over 12 years now without any problems what so ever. I can shoot it all day long and put 800 + rounds in a single session.

    When I decided I wanted a subcompact gun as a BUG, I naturally looked at the G-27 as a companion. The problem came when my hand started to get numb after shooting just two magazines. Oh, the G-27 was a nice and accurate gun, but I don't want to be limited to shooting just a couple mags per range session. I tried a subcompact 9mm XD and it was sweet. No problems and I can shoot it all day long.

    I ended up getting the XD9sc over a G-26 for the main reason that I simply wanted to try out the XD platform to see what all the rage was about. I like it just fine. I'm sure I'd like a G-26 just as much.

    I can still shoot the G-23 and my .45 Colt Officers and Para P-12 all day long with no problems, but when I get down to sub compact size, I just can't go with the .40 cal without my hand getting numb after 25-30 rounds.

    That may be kind of weird, but that's been my experience. Another strange thing is that I can shoot 100 - 150 rounds from my Ruger LCP without my hand getting numb. Maybe it's just something about .40 cal in a short barrel where the problem comes? One thing is certain... Injuries can present some strange dilemmas for a shooter.
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    The .40 could still be OK in a heavier gun- my Stoeger is much easier on recoil than the M&P40c. Having said that, if you aren't going to fire it anymore, better to trade it in for something you will.
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    Unless the wrist injury is permanet, I would keep the 40 and buy a 9mm conversion barrel. Remember, you may be injured in a real self defensive situation, and you can't call time out till you switch to a more comfortable gun. Learn to use it with the pain, even if it is a only a few rounds. Also, like AzB stated, take advantage of this and learn to use your left hand. You WILL fight like you train. [make sure and get a physician to give the ok on any shooting first]

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    I've not had much experience with 9mm, just a bit of shooting with an early G17. Shooting an XDm in .40 seems to me to have a higher recoil impulse than a 1911 .45, or even a PT145, which is a smaller gun. The .40 reminds me more of .357Mag recoil impulse, which I generally preferred prior to going over to the "dark side" of high-cap polymer guns. So, unless you want the high round capacity, or simply cheaper ammo, a full size .45 might be easier on the wrist than the .40.


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    I'd get rid of the G23 for a G19 before I'd consider a conversion barrel...

    Personally, what I'd do is see if I could find anyone with a G19 who wanted to trade for a G23...
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    Get the G19. Even if you take a little hit or if you make a bit, the difference will be less than the cost of conversion parts. Both guns are in demand and there are always people who have the nine want to move to the forty. Among civilians and many governments, the G19 is the most popular, reliable, long lasting pistol you can buy.

    There are some small compromises with the conversion and zero compromise OEM. It is a wonderful feeling to know that if you take care of it and feed it properly, without any shadow of doubt a Glock 19 is the most dependable gun on the planet.
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    I wouldn't change out the barrel if its going to be your carry gun IMO.
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    Listed in the members buy/sell/trade section.
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    I think the G23 was the reason I bought .45 instead of .40. With only two fingers on the butt it's not a real natural hold. .40 has a snappy recoil and the compact frame accentuates it. I think going to the G19 will make things easier for you.

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    One of my cop friend's range guys we're saying a while ago that the Glock .40 is based on the 9mm frame. Apparently this led to some reliability issue with the .40s. Not sure exactly which model(s) or if newer models fixed this, but it does make it seem like the 9mm barrel conversion and new 9mm mags would be a "natural" fit.

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    About a year ago, I traded my Glock 23 and 27 for a 19 and 26. I have never shot a Glock as well as I would like, and found that the lower recoil of the 9mm does help in achieving better accuracy for me.

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    I went from .40 to 9mm myself a few years ago. I was getting into IDPA and wanted to simplify my ammo situation so I sold off the last .40 that I had and went all 9mm. Now I just have to stock one calibre.
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