We belong to the NRA and to our local gun club, donate to politicians or pro-2A organizations, and we support Starbucks and Home Depot because they openly accept us. Nothing wrong with any of that, especially in a time when politicians are wont to step on our God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights, but those all seem a bit -- self-serving?

Are you aware of any groups which hold charity shooting events? Or anyone who provides CWL classes for donations to some non-2A cause? Including, but hopefully not limited to, the annual 4-H Thanksgiving turkey shoot?

At the gun show this weekend in Palatka we were given an opportunity to support bullet-proof [sic] vests for K-9s and hunting trips for maimed veterans. I know the North American Squirrel Association helps elderly and disabled hunters.

We just finished up Bike Week here and amid all the fun and friendship there were groups who regularly ride for charity. They get together to enjoy their 'sport' while helping others through fund-raising and increasing visibility for various causes.

Do we have any gun clubs who do something similar?