How old on your first time?

How old on your first time?

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Thread: How old on your first time?

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    How old on your first time?

    Shooting, people....I'm talking about shooting...

    When did you start? Do you recall how you liked it?

    I grew up with a dad who liked to take us shooting and a mom who didn't like shooting, but didn't mind the guns around. Living in the middle of nowhere they were kind of necessary.

    Dad would take us out to the back yard every so often to shoot. We started with the .22 handguns (1 rev. and 1 auto) and the 410 dbl bbl. When we got bigger we got to shoot the 8MM Mauser. It had a steel buttplate, boy do I remember that!

    Fond memories all around. Now my kids are old enough to start this one, so dad and I take the older one out once in a while and next year my younger one can start.

    Good times.
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    I was sixe the first time that I fired a "real" gun, although I had fired BB guns previously. I have an older brother, and I was allowed to tag along when our father took him for a shooting lesson. I guess my father understood and let me fire a round.

    The shotgun was an old Sears Ted Williams (High Standard Flightking) 20ga. My father had to help me hold. It's still my favorite shotty.
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    10yrs old.

    People had fun watching the skinny 10yr old shoot .357 and 44 mag pistols. They said I wasn't afraid of recoil and enjoyed watching me smile.

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    around first grade. hunting was the big thing at my house, my family is the only ones into shooting.

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    some of my earlyest memorys are setting on my grandfathers lap shooting .22 veguely in the direction of prarie dogs lol
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    One of my earliest memories with my dad was a squirrel hunting trip. I couldn't have been much older than 5 or 6. When I was young I had a BB gun, then a .22, and would shoot clay, trap, etc. with my Dad in high school. My Dad was a wonderful influence as far as safety and my love of guns. We both have our CCW/CHL.
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    3 years old. .22 Short. PETA wouldn't like how I was introduced to firearms so I'll leave the story out, as I don't think the mods would appreciate it either. Ever since that day, though, I have been hooked on guns. Everything about them. I hunt and shoot a lot.
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    Started very young on pellet guns, probably six or so - and that plus shotties saw me thru until I was in UK Army Cadet Corps - started shooting long range rifle and smallbore for team.

    Somewhat of a lapse then until smallbore again, pistol and rifle and about 1980 got into centerfire handguns bigtime. It's all been history since then - except for the ''purge'' of handguns in UK in '97!!

    Since being here now six years have sorta ''caught up'' again - and some
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    I remember my first M16 shoot, and my first handgun shoot. I absolutely love shooting handguns. It took a while for me to enjoy the M16, because I wasn't too good at it for a number of years. Once I really 'learned' marksmanship, it was loads of fun. Hitting a man sized silohuette at 500 yards is quite an accomplishment. 8 out of 10 at 500 yards is a rush.

    Edit: 500 yards through iron sights. "No scope doc." short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    My memory is kinda vague of growing up in Wyoming in the '40s and '50s, but I remember starting out with a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, then when I was around 8 or so, my Dad gave me a Savage .22 rifle, along with the responsibility of insuring that a significant portion of the Wyoming cottontail rabbit population ended up in the family freezer. I had to buy my own ammo. Back then, any kid could walk into a hardware store and buy .22 ammo.

    Around this same time, as I recall, my Uncle let me shoot his .30-06.

    Then in the summer of my 10th year of life on this planet, my Dad sent me to work (more like slave labor) on a ranch in the Medicine Bow country that he had worked on when he was a kid. The owners of this spread were two brothers, both WW1 vets. Both had brought back German Luger pistols from the war. One of these was the first pistol I ever shot. Kicked like hell and made my ears ring.

    Later on that same summer, I fired my first shotgun. They told me to shoot a horse with a broken leg because they didn't want to do it. I used a 410 gauge shotgun pistol. I think it was an old Marbles Game-Getter.

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    Probably about 9 years old. My brothers took me bird hunting and told me that the thing I had to remember about shooting a shotgun was to brace my right shoulderblade firmly against a large tree before firing. They said that it would help steady me and keep me from dropping the gun.

    I can't remember if that was before or after they took me snipe hunting, but, hey, that was with a stick and a burlap bag....
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    12 years old, Win 30-30, about a year later my dad was able to afford a Western Auto 22 (Savage made it IIRC). Used to shoot grouse with the 30-30. Learned to make head shots real quick!!

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    I grew up a city kid in Chicago. I pestered my Dad for a .22 and finally got one when I was about 12 or 13. Not sure which. We had to go to a farm belonging to the family of one of Dad's friends at work. It was about a 1-1/2 hour drive IIRC. I used to shoot a 500 round brick of LR's. each trip. Fond memories.

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    I was living on a Texas farm while my Dad was stationed overseas. The chickens began squawking one night and mom and I investigated. A ring-tailed cat was getting to them, so mom went inside for the HI Standard Double Nine .22 pistol.

    She shot, missed. shot. missed. Then handed it to me cuz I couldn't do any worse, she said.

    I was 8
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    grandan brought me a sears n robuck 22 single shot lever action yes single shot the breach droped when you leverd down take it out every so offten but seems so small now i was 7 years old wounder if it was a youth model or a ladys model might have to look it up

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