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This is a discussion on Electronic Earmuffs within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I would strongly advise using the electronic muffs. We have several sets of the Peltor 6 that my sons use and I have a set ...

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Thread: Electronic Earmuffs

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    I would strongly advise using the electronic muffs. We have several sets of the Peltor 6 that my sons use and I have a set of ProEars that I use with USPSA matches.

    They work very well at allowing you to have a normal conversation, maintain situational awareness, and shutoff loud noises automatically. I agree that you will get what you pay for .. the more expensive sets, as mentioned earlier, do give you noticeably better performance.
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    MSA Soridin all the way, pricey but worth it for me - I shoot at least 2x a week. I had Pro-Ears but stopped using them because 1) weren't water proof 2) non standard battery 3) batteries kept falling out of the ear cup when it was in my bag 4) knobs located on the outside of the cup kept turning on in my range bag.

    If you get the Soridin's upgrade to the gel ear cups....

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    I use Peltor's, they work great as far as I'm concerned.

    I even wear them while duck/bird hunting, as there is a lot of shooting going on, not many birds falling, but a lot of shooting going on.

    Get a pair, you' like 'em

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    I use Peltor tac 6-s muffs. They are great but the noise reduction isn't the best. They are fine for outside and for me shooting inside. If I shoot next to someone inside shooting .40 or something loud like that it can get a little loud so I put foam plugs under the muffs.

    The next model up, tac 7-s have a better noise reduction rating but they are not the slim profile and cost a bit more.

    Overall I really like the 6s and just put foam plugs under them if I really need to. I can still hear people talking fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeface View Post
    I have a pair of Caldwell slims. They work well for talking and the like and cut off when you shoot. They hiss a little but for the money they are ok.
    I use the same thing, they do hiss but they also block out loud noises just fine. For $25 I'd rather deal with the hiss and buy more ammo.
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    Peltor 6's here. Good muffs. They work really well for letting you hear conversation and shutting off impulse noise.

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    Thanks for all the input...... My local gunshop stocked only Cadwells, so I thought what the hell and bought a set..... $26.95.... for the price I knew they wouldn't be the best but it would be a good start. I took them out to the range this morning and I liked them a lot more than my regular muffs. The first thing I noticed is when I put them on and started walking toward the target, I could hear the crunching of the ground I was walking on. I liked them, I can only imagine how much better the more expensive ones would sound like..... Thanks again for all the input....

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    The big difference with the more expensive models isn't the sound quality of the enhancement, it's the cutoff time in the electronic processing time. The electronics have to recognize that a sound louder than the cutoff is coming through and then stop the transmission. A little of the bang will bleed through and that will be bad for your ears...

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