right on. some guys say the glow dies after a few minutes.
Of course not, BTW, I wake up every morning before 5:00 AM and every morning without exception I can see, still in the dark: My pistols gun sights, my two remote controls, light switches, emergency flashlights, because of Glow-On.
We try to put the facts over the table and let everyone be the judge.
We have a 100% money back guarantee, there is a glow dot on every Glow-On vial for you to check what to expect and for comparison purposes for your application, if from the get go you don't like it just send it back.
The same technology is being used on emergency signs inside buildings, on emergency stairs, etc.

Three factor come together here:

- How dark is the environment
- How much light was applied to the Glow-On
- How much Glow-On was applied.

The bright glow is just a starting point, it fades. This starting glow is in fact brighter than tritium, it looks like electric light almost.
A constant super bright glow for hours is not what we are offering here, it's just not going to happen, the material has limitations.

It might take several days to evaluate what the product can or can't do for you.

Please keep in mind, the cost per gun sights is less than 1 US$, vs. at least thirty times that much more money to buy tritium.

If Glow-On had the same tritium characteristics, we would be selling a small vial at US$200.

You won't be substituting tritium with this, you are going to be painting white dots and iron sights, etc.

Here is some more data;