In stock and shipping same day! HK USP Compact 9MM Barrels and Barrel accessories. Let us help you accessorize and upgrade your valuable firearm.

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9mm Barrel HK USP Compact $229.95:
USP Compact 9mm Barrel - HKPARTS.NET

HK USPC .357 Sig Barrel $229.95:
HK USP Compact .357 Barrel - HKPARTS.NET

Thread Protector HK, Glock, Sig 9mm Tact Barrel $29.95:
HK USP 9mm Thread Protector - HKPARTS.NET

HK 9mm Barrel O-Ring For Thread Protector-Green $4.95:
HK barrel | HK o ring - HKPARTS.NET

9mm HK Pistol Flash Hider -13.5 X 1 LH $79.95:
9mm pistol flash hider - HKPARTS.NET

9mm Vortex Pistol Flash Hider- 13.5 X 1 LH $84.95:
Smith Enterprises HK Vortex Flash Hider - 9mm - HKPARTS.NET

Fake Suppressor For 9mm Tactical Pistols-13.5 X 1 LH $124.95:
HK Tactical Fake Suppressor - HKPARTS.NET

1/2 x 28 Thread Protector For Threaded Barrels $14.95:
HK thread protector - HKPARTS.NET

9mm Pistol Flash Hider 1/2X28 $79.95:
9mm pistol flash hider - HKPARTS.NET

Fake Suppressor For HK 9mm Tactical Pistols- 1/2X28 $124.95:
HK Tactical Fake Suppressor - HKPARTS.NET

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