Check out our attachments for you HK pistol Blade-Tech Holster. Change your belt attachment or convert your Eclipse OWB to an Eclipse IWB Holster. Each item comes with all the Hardware you will need.
Let us help you accessories and upgrade your firearm.
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E-Loop Holster Attachment 1.75" $8.95:
HK E-loop holster attachment, eclipse loop holster attachemnt - HKPARTS.NET

Eclipse IWB Conversion Kit - Ambidextrous $12.95:
HK Eclipse IWB Conversion Kit PDS with hardware Ambidextrous, IWB Conversion kit Ambi - HKPARTS.NET

Tek-Lok with Hardware $12.95:
HK Tek lok with hardware, teklok hardware - HKPARTS.NET

Paddle with Hardware $12.95:
HK paddle with hardware - HKPARTS.NET

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