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New security system up and running

This is a discussion on New security system up and running within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just wait for the first oh **** moment, the first time it goes off in the middle of night. That's when having a dog really ...

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Thread: New security system up and running

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    Just wait for the first oh **** moment, the first time it goes off in the middle of night. That's when having a dog really comes in handy. If I don't hear barking or growling, I'm 99% confident that it's a false alarm.

    Had 1 experience in the 12 years I had the alarm where the dog was making noise also. It was false due to a storm, but it had an entirely different feeling in my mind.

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    The one thing that I did when we had our system installed was to have 2 motion detectors installed. It is now absolutely impossible to reach the stairway to our sleeping quarters, also have 2nd keypad upstairs and set the system to away instant when we retire for the night so the motions are active. they are bypassed in the stay mode.

    Also took the following advise when I implemented our home security plan.

    * Installed security film on all 1st floor glass.
    * Installed high security striker-plates on all exterior doors.
    * Replaced screws on "ALL" door hinges with 3 1/2 inch screws into studs.
    (originals were only 3/4" long)
    * Installed quality lock-sets with deadbolts.
    * Installed locking storm-doors and keep them locked.
    (puts a locked door between you and whomever if you answer the door= time to draw if needed)
    * Solid-core door at top of stairs with security striker-plate and deadbolt.
    * Solid-core door to master-bedroom with security striker-plate and deadbolt.
    * Solid-core door to master-bath with security striker-plate and lock-set.
    * Solid-core door to walk-in closet off master-bath with security striker-plate and combination lock with dead-bolt.
    * CCTV system with cameras in key locations and monitor in closet.
    * Old cell phone on charger in Closet (only good for 911 but it's free)
    * 870-Riot ready to go mounted over closet door.

    Doing the above I basically put Six securely locked doors between my family and a BG. plus the BG Will have to deal with 2 Belgian Malinois at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfnutcasey View Post
    Just had a hardwired security system installed in the house Wednesday. All doors and windows have contacts, indoor and outdoor siren, smoke/heat detectors and living room motion detector installed.

    There have been several break ins in our county since the economy turned sour and I am just now in a position where I could afford the system. Slept a little better last night and feel a little better leaving the house during the day.
    I would look into a wireless closed circuit camera system with an internet feed and digital recorder. This allows you to see your property when you are not there as well as observe your outside perimeter from safety inside your home.
    Additionally you can save images on and off site in case things really go south or you need evidence in a SD. Say they burn your house down or kill you at least there is a chance of identifying them or their car.

    In the case of using the video to justify a shooting or other event be sure that you lawyer reviews the recordings prior to notifying LEO of their existence. Sometimes video can be misinterpreted so only use it if it is in your benefit. You are under no obligation to help the prosecution put a rope around your neck.
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    Home Alarm Systems

    All windows and doors. 6 Video cameras with Night Vision out to 100ft (Infrared) feeding a 1TB hard drive that keeps video for up to 90days. Cameras are on Motion detection with the motion area set for 5-7feet inside the property line. Motion trip gives beep beep in the master bedroom. Alarm system on instant at night. House lights controlled by X-10 wireless system. Any and all lights can be turned on or off as needed. Doors secured with large screws on the lock side and hinge side. Some folks forget the hinge side. All dead bolts are keyed on both sides. You come in a window, you go back out thru a window. Garage doors not alarmed. It is hard to get them up and into the house in 30-45 seconds to disarm the system. Weapons as needed here and there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    Sounds nice. Have you put up any signs? I've heard/read that small signs stating the system is there help deter crime. Not sure how true that is.
    Sure it helps, mostly the bad guy, since now he knows what system you have if any. The major B&E guys have no problem defeating most of these in a relively short time. Do you have battery back up for for the power being cut and a link from the system to a non line line to notify someone of a break in? Just 2 of the absolute basic requirements.
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    Monitored alarm with glass break sensors. Film on all 1st floor windows, deadbolted doors with 4" screws in all hendges and striker plates. Siding window locks on all widow frame tracks. As a added backup I drilled a small hole on the window frames and inserted a nice fat nail in the track just out enough to block windo movement but not good enough to be seen!

    All bedroom doors have keyed locks... Need to install solid core doors at some point! Even closets have keyed locks for when
    we are away.

    Gun next to the bed.
    Matthew <><
    Helotes, Texas

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