A Word of Advice on Hearing Protection

This is a discussion on A Word of Advice on Hearing Protection within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I picked this great tidbit up somewhere along the line, and I feel it’s worth repeating here every so often for the new members, and ...

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Thread: A Word of Advice on Hearing Protection

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    Thumbs up A Word of Advice on Hearing Protection

    I picked this great tidbit up somewhere along the line, and I feel it’s worth repeating here every so often for the new members, and for those that may have missed it. This simple practice can prevent serious hearing damage. I have adopted this advice as well.

    As we all know, a gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage, especially in an enclosed area, such as your home.

    Keep a pair of electronic headphones next to your nighttime gun. If there should be an intruder, slip on the headphones before you investigate. Not only will the sounds be amplified to help you locate the intruder, but if you should have to defend yourself with your gun, the headphones will clamp down on the blast and you’re hearing will be spared. Also, if you have family members nearby tell them to cover their ears.
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    I've heard that before, too. Sound advice. I've heard stories about LEO getting ear damage due to 9mm rounds fired indoors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Sound advice
    Yes , literally sound advice!

    BTW, this does not have to be an expensive investment. I've seen decent electonic headsets for as little as $40. Just about the cost of a box of ammo. It's cheap insurance for your hearing.
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    I spent 13 months in Vietnam firing a .50 cal MG from inside a noisy helicopter. incoming rockets, mortars, artillery did their best and I'm not deaf yet. Constant ringing in the ears is another story!

    If an intruder is in my house, I think fear of hearing loss will be way down there on the priority list....but I like your advice. Always be prepared!
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    This is good advice. I would however say to try wearing your muffs around the house to see if you can distinguish what direction sounds are coming from. I know with some of my elec. muffs, I can hear great, but just can't tell from what direction the sound is coming from.
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    In principle, reads well although not very realistic.

    Anyway, I tried my best to protect my hearing throughout my life but unfortunately; my occupations were always against me. I grew up in the 60~70’s when loud psychedelic music was all the rave. I hated it then as I do now. I seldom attended those ‘acid-rock’ concerts because I couldn’t stand the loud noise. Then I joined the Army and became a tanker! I always used hearing protection but there were too many times when someone fired off a 105mm round before I could reach my gear. Today, I still hate loud noises and I even wear muffs when anyone is using the vacuum cleaner, power drill, etc..

    I came rooting around this thread because I’m in the market for a new set of muffs for the MAG-40 course. I did the usual search, product reviews and I consulted with some well-respected professionals. I’ve settled on ‘MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X Ear Muff’ but I can’t decide between the conventional over-the-head style vs. behind-the-head (neck) affair. Either way, they are nice looking and the change-out gel pads are easy to replace.

    So, whether it’s preparing for an intruder or a day at the range; has anyone tried the ‘behind-the-head’ band version?

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    I seem to have asked this before, but what do you think the cops who show up because of your "intruder in the house call" will think if you're standing over the body with a smoking gun, electronic muff, and your shooting glasses on? ...I'm just sayin'
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    The one guy that was helping me to learn to shoot today had a pair like that, they are definitely cool.

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    The 122mm rockets in Vietnam sort of did a number on my hearing, my ears ring like the ice cream truck most of the time. I just passed the hearing test to become a LEO after I got back.

    Do all that you can to protect your hearing. Sometimes it is just beyond your control.

    Yes judge I was in fear for my life, but did take the time to put my hearing protection on.

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    Looking upon the increase in crime rates in the present times the very simple and excellent suggestion stated here is an commendable idea.I think every one should keep it in mind so in any such terrorist attack you can spare yourself form getting hearing impaired.

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    Thats good advice, ive been meaning to buy a set of those electronic headphones.
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    I've been advocating this for years.

    Ever fire a gun in an enclosed space...Even just a .22 in a large air space indoor range?
    It hurts.

    Folk from pre-modern military experience commonly state in such threads and conversation that they did X, Y and Z back in the day and they were okay.
    Except for the ringing and the loss of ability to hear birds chirping or their wife telling them the tea kettle is whistling that they also do not hear.
    Just because you are not deaf does not mean you have not had hearing loss that is significant.

    At my home I have this covered in layers...

    Inside my go to locked handgun case among two guns (!), 6 loaded magazines and a 20 rd tray of loose ammo sits two foam ear plugs (NRR 21db).
    Additionally hung on the inside door knob to my clothes closet are a set of regular headsets (NRR 19db). Also I keep my decade old Peltor 6S electronic headsets (NRR 21db) unfolded as there too.

    I use the Peltor when hunting as well, and myself along with several of my fellow instructors encourage hearing protection (electronic) so as to protect your hearing.
    We encourage wearing of eye protection too.

    The current modern military has recognized that hearing protection is a necessity not just for comfort but safety and medical health care.
    Current ear pro as distributed is the C.A.E. ('Combat Arms Earplug') by Aearo.

    Ear pro is a necessity. Learn it, live it, love it...Listen.

    Army says new earplugs will save your hearing
    By Gina Cavallaro - Staff writer
    Posted : Thursday Sep 10, 2009 8:53:25 EDT

    Army says new earplugs will save your hearing - Army News, news from Iraq, - Army Times

    - Janq likes hearing bees buzz, birds chirp and my childrens whispers
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    I didn't protect my hearing when I was younger and I'm paying for it now with a constant high pitched "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep". Sometimes it changes pitch....don't know why. Too many younger years of rock concerts, furniture mills, mowing grass, and shooting without ear protection. The ringing just kind of started as I got older. I guess like my knees and back, the stuff in my ears (and between them) isn't as pliable as it used to be. I do take proper precautions now to save what I've got left.
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    From experience, I'll go against using electronics in a home defense setting.

    I've used Peltor electronic muffs in tactical settings and found that they are unreliable in detecting the direction of sound origination. Also, any ambient noise like a running heat duct or a ceiling fan on will cause excessive white noise.

    Train with them and the first time that you point your gun one way and get hit from the other is the time that you'll take them off.

    From a Grand Jury viewpoint, I see where the viewing of donned hearing protection as a premeditated decision to shoot someone can come into play. Mainly because they are not an effective tool that will facilitate your use of force.

    Bottom line, IMO your putting yourself at a disadvantage if you use them.
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