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I think my house and or wife has been targeted.

This is a discussion on I think my house and or wife has been targeted. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just a side note, if you do have a reason to call the sheriff in an emergency, you may want to ask if they have ...

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Thread: I think my house and or wife has been targeted.

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    Just a side note, if you do have a reason to call the sheriff in an emergency, you may want to ask if they have an encrypted dispatch or MDT since you have reason to believe that their public broadcasts may be monitored by someone meaning you harm.

    Check the scanner for cordless phone frequencies too. They may be listening to your home phones also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    Just a side note, if you do have a reason to call the sheriff in an emergency, you may want to ask if they have an encrypted dispatch or MDT since you have reason to believe that their public broadcasts may be monitored by someone meaning you harm.

    Check the scanner for cordless phone frequencies too. They may be listening to your home phones also.
    Yep. Wireless home phones and cell phones can be easily listened in on with some scanners. Could also get your garage door frequency with easy to obtain equipment.
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    anyone can listen to police dispatch. i have a vertex radio like the police use some of my channels are the local pd it is fun to listen some times.

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    If you need any more convincing, go read "Judgement Ridge" - about the Dartmouth College professors' murders. The story of Andrew Patti's "near death experience" is exceptionally chilling.
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    Your wife did good.

    You've already got some good advice here to ramp your situation up. I might add motion lights in those dark places and/or you can get a fairly cheap motion detector that won't turn on a light, but will wirelessly activate something inside your house to give you an alert, sort of like a driveway alarm, which would also be a good idea as well.

    Sadly, we have to make our homes unappealling enough to encourage the BG to go to a lesser protected home.

    If you think scanner-man may be back, call the leo and tell them about it and it's likely they can dispatch someone via their personal cell rather than radio broadcast.
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    Give the wife a hug and the dogs a treat, they did the right thing.

    +1 on the cameras

    At least you got a free scanner and a SA twak.
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    That is scary, but at least you found the scanner so you and your wife can be on high alert. If I were your wife I'd make sure to carry when in the home and to make sure the 870 is in the most optimal place.

    I *might* also consider varying my routine just to keep him guessing if he is indeed casing your home.

    I like the ideas of adding game cameras and motion sensitive lights.

    Best of luck.

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    You know, I'm sort of more worried about your neighbor who did see the guy and let him in. He has kids as you mentioned. You guys should be talking serious security.

    I gather your place is not completely fenced, did I understand that right. If it were me I'd quickly get fencing 360 and roll barbed wire underneath around the perimeter-- two or three layers deep. Make it too risky to enter your property.

    As I wrote above, add dogs-- make it too risky to enter your property.

    Get with neighbor and see if you guys can both get light weight short distance walkie talkies --stuff that you can communicate on instantly with the push of a button. You are each other's first line of defense at this point.

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice. We are adding motion lights and motion alarms. We are also checking into cameras. I have been reviewing past DC threads for camera ideas.

    Jang just to be clear, I have been taking my wife gun shopping for years. However, she has always placed choosing and buying a gun a very low priority. You know the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. However, even a jackass will drink when he thinks he is thirsty.” (Honey, if you ever read this, I am not comparing you to a jackass)
    She thinks she has found her handgun. She wants to find one to test fire prior to buying it. So until then she has one of mine.

    This isn’t a police radio, it’s a Radio Shack scanner with police frequencies programmed into it.

    I did not find any phone frequencies on the scanner.

    I don’t think our Sheriff’s office have MDT’s or MDC’s. I do think they use cell phones for some dispatching information.
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    Scary deal Steve, your wife did a great job! A TON of great advice in the previous posts, I might add to leave a radio or TV going when not home or even while you sleep to give the illusion of occupancy. Hopefully if they are planning on a break in it would only be when you're gone.
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    Man that is very unnerving, a lot of good suggestions about cameras already mentioned. Stay safe, and have the wife practice a little with that 870!

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    Sounds like your wife did really well in 1) not opening the door, 2) having the dogs there, 3) calling the Sheriff about it.

    Seems she may have diverted something that could have been very ugly.

    + 1 on the above suggestions.

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    The scanner may have belonged to an accomplice. Stay vigilant and tell her not to go anywhere on the property without the dogs and being armed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgreen View Post
    if the scanner contained the prints of the man that was taken away by leo, wouldnt that qualify as a criminal tool? idk if that would get him a stiffer punishment.

    im just thinkin outloud
    Finger prints are near useless and not worth a PD's time and money unless a major crime has been committed. It is nothing like CSI or TV.

    The camera suggestion is a very good one and much more affordable than you may think. We have an excellent little inexpensive Clover: OC 950 as a door cam that gives us very good sound and image quality day or night that cost under $40. Plugs right into the TV or recorder with a provided 100 foot cable. For security we use a bit higher end system. Much like the Lorex H.264 High Performance, Internet Remote Viewing, Day/Night Video Security Surveillance System : LH314321C4 lets you record and access your cameras via the internet 24/7 for under $600 complete system with four cameras. Or search FRY's for what you need they have good quality products at reasonable prices. It is where we got a lot of our security equipment. Our place is wired with motion / heat sensors visible & hidden camera remote lighting. We know as soon as someone is on our property long before we can see them and exactly where they are for as long as they are here
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    Something you might want to consider. We live on 5 acres with 2 acres chain linked. We have 4 large dogs that are basically inside dogs and when we had problems with a few aggressive neighbors tresspassing. When I got home I would walk the property with the dogs to make sure no one put out poison for the dogs. I also installed wireless driveway sensors with the game cameras others had suggested. The chime going off even if we weren't home would get the dogs attention quickly. The only good thing that came out of the home mortgages crisis is that the bank now owns the troublemakers homes and they are long gone. Stay safe and stay vigilant.

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