Wrong house

Wrong house

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Thread: Wrong house

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    Wrong house

    Recently I followed a post (it may have even been on another site), about whether one should wait until someone actually comes through the door before using deadly force in self defense, or just blast away through the door.

    It was either in that post or another that I mentioned that sometimes cops get the wrong house when executing a no-knock search warrant. Others mentioned sometimes crooks impersonate cops by wearing "police" t-shirts or swat-like clothing.

    Here's even another spin on the wrong house scenario:

    In Cherokee County, Kan., authorities have charged Gregory Alex Sawin, a bounty hunter from Oklahoma, after he allegedly entered the wrong house while wearing a vest that said "police." He's charged with impersonating police, assault and criminal restraint, the Joplin Globe reports.

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    I personally want to see who I'm shooting at. I'd wait until you have decided that it's not your wife, brother, etc. before shooting through the door. That's what I'd do!

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    Sorry, I'm going to wait until I see who it is also, that's just my personal view on it.
    "I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger" Mencius"

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    I would definitely wait. You already have the upper hand if you know someone is coming in and you're ready to shoot. I wouldn't be able to live with the consequences of shooting a loved one because I couldn't wait a few more seconds to make a positive ID.

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    These type events happen very quick, when the door burst open reaction time or just one step by intruder could be the difference in this discussion.

    If I were called on to serve on jury of a case involving silent warrens served at wrong address, and home defense shooting at at the same event, I would hang jury or if serving on grand jury i would vote to NO BILL.
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    Know your target and what is behind it. -4 laws
    I'm not superman and I don't have X-ray vision so I can't shoot unless I know where that bullet is going to end up.

    There must be an immanent threat to life or severe bodily harm of an individual to use lethal force.
    It's mighty hard to prove immanent danger when you've got a door between you and the person entering.

    13 of 14 civilian (non Law Enforcement) armed encounters end without the need for shots to be fired. -Massad Ayoob
    Better to be a good witness than to have to live with the fallout of firing too soon.
    I am not superman so I am not made of steel; and better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
    Just because I'm not shooting through the door doesn't mean I'm not taking actions to defend myself before it opens.

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    Know your laws too.

    IIRC most if not all castle laws dictate that the unwanted person must be inside your home and "threatening" your safety (caveat - Texas after dark = open season, no size restrictions and no bag limit).

    If the suspect is already in your house and you are in a room with a closed door, you probably ought to wait for the door to open with you in a position to have a second to at least ID that the person is not part of your family.

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