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Have you tested your four legged alarm/deterrence system?

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Thread: Have you tested your four legged alarm/deterrence system?

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    I have not tested my current labs. I haven't really initiated a test on any of my previous dogs, but they were tested by the real thing a couple of times.
    My last yellow lab was really aggressive and seemed to always be in condition yellow....no pun intended. She was a great watchdog. Quite a few times she would hear stuff at night and alert us to the presence of 4 and 2 legged varmits. She was the early warning system to allow us to get the Mossberg or Glocks into play.

    As for testing, good idea, but I would want to know when my tester was going to show up and perform the test. I'd hate to think aww its my cousing doing the test only to find out its a meth head in my kitchen instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePeaceKeeper View Post
    Here is my old girl, she has been gone about 5 years now, she was a great dog! She would let anyone in the house the the family let in, but she keep an eye on them. She was of German decent, very determined to do her job and was good at guarding. One time a fellow deputy came to my house, he was on duty answer a call about my dog biting a lady. When he knocked on the door my dog barked to let me know someone was there. I open the door and let him in with her sitting at my side, the deputy asked if he could pet her and I said yes, just don't touch your sidearm. My shep did not like anyone to have a firearm in their hands and would disarm them if they did not put her down first. He laughed and petted her and told me everything was okay, he thought my dog was fine and that would be in his report.

    The reason all this happened was because my wife and I were having a yard sale, my wife was sitting in a chair about thirty feet behind a table in our driveway with my shep sitting at her side. This lady walks up my driveway right past the table to where my wife was sitting and reached down and patted my shep on the back of her head. My shep gave her a little snap, did not break any skin or even leave any marks. The lady told my wife she did a stupid thing and should have known better.

    I had to go to dog court, the lady told what happened and it was really her fault. The judge ruled in my favor.

    I feel your pain.....almost looks like some Belgian Malinois blood as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beans View Post
    The last word i heard on the DOG laws in Cochise County Az is that if someone is bitten by a dog on the dogs owner's property the dog or the owner cannot be held liable. . It also stated that if someone is bitten after teasing/tormenting a dog. the dog or the owner is not liable. .
    I like that they added the teasing part. I HATE when people tease other people's dogs.
    When I was still in elementary school I had a St. Bernard and when I came home one day there were a couple of kids by my fence yelling things at my dog. He was going nuts but couldn't get to them. I yelled at them and when they saw me they started running up the street. I chased them and knocked one of them to the ground the other two kept running. I told the one that was on the ground that if I ever saw him doing that again I was going to let the dog out to chase him (my dog was a sweetheart and anybody that has ever had a St. Bernard knows their mentality, but for someone that doesn't know they just see a 100# plus dog chasing them). Obviously I wasn't really going to let my dog out to get him but it did the trick, I never saw those kids again and the crossing guard that worked in front my house said that she saw them walk on the other side of the street after that.

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    If the show is the one with the two former thieives, "To catch a thief" I think is the name, they always "break in" when the owner is not home. I have wondered if the dog would do "a better job" if the owner was home. I had a Lab mix that if she did not know you would bark like mad, if we were home. I was told that she never mae a sound if we were away. She was also locked in a kennel if we were not home not left running the house.

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    She's 20LBS of pure muscle and energy. She actually tore the curtains off the curtain rod trying to get thru the kitchen window at the meter man. If you come to the front door, let me greet you first. She is only the early warning system, the alarm comes next and as you can see, the mossburg will greet you should you make it past both.
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    Heidi, my German Shepard mix is an excellent watchdog. She barks just like she's suppose to, in fact she starts barking before someone can even get inside, I should have plenty of time to unlock the safe and grab my 12ga if she goes crazy in the middle of the night. Course the 9mm is already handy so even if I cant get into the safe I've still got something.
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    My Alaskan Malamute won't let anyone on his turf He is 140 lb. This picture is after his daily spring brushing.

    This one earns his keep.

    This one is not much of a watch dog.

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