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A baseball bat for home defense

This is a discussion on A baseball bat for home defense within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This has come up in several different discussions. It's an important topic, because the well-armed home should have multiple layers of defense. Guns are fine. ...

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Thread: A baseball bat for home defense

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    This has come up in several different discussions. It's an important topic, because the well-armed home should have multiple layers of defense. Guns are fine. But if that's all you've got, you're in a 2-dimensional framework.

    The baseball bat. I always think of this scene in Blue Collar. Give it a look.

    That's how you'd use a bat. Choke way, way up, almost to the halfway point, and like an ASP baton, work on joints and bony areas. No, you do not "swing for the fence." You snap fast, draw back, and snap back in again, using the bat more like a whip. If the target is injured and unable to move well, then you go for the full-power slug as a finishing blow.

    But it's a poor weapon and pretty much the last I'd want. As heavily armed as I am, I don't have one. Visit your local hardware store and tour the garden tool aisle. Much better choices there and all 100-percent legal. An axe or a shovel or a half-size pick-axe or a machete all offer superior power and better balance than a bat.

    If you can commit to some training, almost anything available here will beat a baseball bat. A decent pair of sais, a naginata, anything beats a baseball bat.

    The problem with the bat is that it's a two-handed weapon unless you're really strong and heavy, and it's unbalanced. Yet most weapons share the characteristic of balance. A bo, a jo, escrima sticks, nunchaku, manriki gusari, antler swords, hook swords - almost all swords - emei spears, these are all balanced weapons.

    Another principle that weapons tend to share is the maximization of force. Even the lowly yawara or kubotan is designed to focus power and body weight into a small area, concentrating it to amplify damage. The baseball bat can do this, but it is slow and cumbersome. Follow-up strikes? If you miss you'll be hard-pressed to get a second shot in.

    So the paradox of the baseball bat as a HD weapon is this: It can be an effective tool, but you have to be strong and skilled in its use. With that level of strength and skill, a wide variety of better tools are available and superior. A simple 3-foot length of steel pipe, for example, is infinitely better.
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    a baseball bat is too long for effective close quarters combat...it requires a great deal of space to swing and be effective....and its not difficult to get inside of the swing and take away its usefulness...a shorter club or asp is much more effective and easier to wield in close....

    but anything is better than nothing....and makes you wonder what else might be hiding in the home....

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    +1 for shockwave's post. Bats and pipes and sticks all have their place but you need to know how to use them. A simple flailing away won't do. I prefer a bo-staff if I have room, or short stick of bamboo if I don't, but a bat used appropriately as a weapon is better still better than nothing at all.

    I think learning how to use things as weapons is more important than what the object actually is. A belt can make a pretty good weapon as well if you put some thought and training into it.

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    I have a tee ball bat stashed in my bedroom. It's almost half the weight and much smaller than a regular bat. It's there "just in case." You can't have too many weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landric View Post
    We seem to be making a lot of assumptions here. Lets reverse the situation. You are a guy who carries all the time and has multiple firearms for self-defense both in and outside your home. You have a get together at your home to which some people you don't know are invited. One of the people you don't know asks you about a bat in the living room. You tell him, in an indirect way, that you keep it for self protection. Does that fact that you don't mention your large collection of firearms mean they don't exist?

    Very true. I remember reading an article a while back where they interviewed some felons about them facing a potentially armed victim. I dont remember all the details but all I remember is that most of them agree that a smart criminal will try to ascertain if their potential victim is armed or not. This is exactly why I try to be very secretive about my firearms. I avoid going to the local gunshop (I buy everything online), only my wife and father-in-law even knows I own firearms and I don't try to present myself as a tough guy. Most people who know me think of me as being very meek and mild. I want the first warning to the BG that they may have chosen the wrong victim is a general feeling of discomfort and a strong desire to want to lay down as a result of multiple lead injections to the upper chest area.

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    I've always had a bat near the bed. I guess it's a throwback from the time when I didn't have a gun - that's more than 30 years ago - some habits a re hard to break. Nobody can argue a bat is as effective as a gun - if I hear a bump in the night, I'm as likely to grab the bat as I am to grab a toothbrush. But a bat can be very damaging in the right hands with the right mindset - as a teenager, a bat saved my skin more than once. Now I rely on Glock, Mossberg, and a DPMS .308 AP4.

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    I don't want to get close enough to use a bat.

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    Personally I equate a baseball bat for HD, in the neighborhood of hand lining for marlin.

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