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best home defense pistol?

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Thread: best home defense pistol?

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    Take your dad to a gun store and let him handle a variety of types and models. Then try to arrange a test firing of the one(s) he likes best. He is the only one that pick the best weapon for him.

    A .357 fired in a home at night will do wonders to your hearing and may well give you temporary night blindness.

    Has has been mentioned, a .22 that hit's the target does more good than any caliber that misses. Also, a .22 will not deafen you or blind you with a muzzle flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    I'd say that you're thinking right in line with a large frame .357. My dad has a 1911 that he rarely uses, and he can never remember how to use it when he does. The last time we shot, he had the thumb safety on and thought it was jammed. I don't even want to remember how terrifying it was watching him try to clear it before I could get to him.
    The .357 will allow him to practice with cheaper .38 rounds, and you just don't get much simpler than a wheel gun. He'll know when it's loaded and he'll know how to make it bark.
    ^^^^I am SOOooooo in this camp.^^^^^^^^^

    Because of your dads lack of extensive background in firearms, and his age,(I know I don't know how old he is) but he isn't in his 20's, with a long road ahead for learning and time to instill familiarity into his firearm handling.
    .357 frame, with .38+p for home defense.
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    Colts will be cost prohibitive for his situation
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    I would say an FNP 45. 14+1, can carry condition 1, and has the recoil of a +P 9mm.

    New here, but wanted to offer up my $.02.

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    .45 is the way to go for home defense. But, you have to be diligent, take him to the range, get him used to the recoil, the noise, and the action... I won't say 1911 for sure, I don't have one (not saying that I do not want) I have a Ruger P345 and it is perfect for me. But shop around, try out different guns and make sure your decision is made with lots of research. Please make sure he practices with, and properly breaks in, whatever gun you do end up with tho... don't want an FTL or an FTE the first time he needs it!
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    Go with your first instincts... Revolver, used Ruger or Rossi (new) for cost conservation. It will do him the most good when he keeps it handy not stuck in a sock drawer. Get him a good pocket holster and he'll be more likely to keep it handy. JMHO
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    YOU are thinking correctly. Drive on! If you want to get some real versatility try a Ruger SP 101 in 357 w/ the 3 inch Bbl. I have a Hogue grip on mine that fits like a glove and really helps with recoil. I would get him a good 38+P load for it. Remington 158 Gr. LHP +P's maybe.

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    I am quite partial to mil surp pistols. Cheap, reliable, and pretty effective

    A revolver would also be nice, unless he is developing issues with hand strength. I know my mother can't pull the trigger easy on my wife's 357.

    While I would wait a bit, if there is a strong issue with hand strength in the forseeable future, the the 327 magnum revolvers or that new kel-tec PMR30 might be viable options.

    Neither are spectactular preformers ballistic wise, but their low recoil and easy operation would probably help with such issues.
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    Surplus CZ-82. Very nice Czech pistols in 9mm Mak (tween .380-9mm Luger). Good SA trigger for cocked and locked as well as firm but smooth DA for leaving one in the chamber. 12 + 1 rounds. Low recoil, ample power for HD. Should run around $230-250. Great reviews on this import. Only downer is the plastic grips tend to work loose after awhile on the range. Marschal's Grip has really nice wood ones in many styles.
    Check it out!
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    I bought a full size HK USP .45 as a home defense pistol. 12 rounds of .45 with a StreamLight light/laser. I actual bought a Mossberg originaly for home defense, but the USP is way easier to grab.

    I'd get something full size in a strong caliber and preferably a decent capacity. After that, it's all preference whether it be a semi-auto or revolver. That's up to the buyer.

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    Sounds like a ruger gp100 is what you want.
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    The revolver idea has merit, and there's been many good suggestions made already.

    Of course I don't know your father or his set-up, but you/he might want to consider looking at a S&W 642. Sure it being light will have a little extra recoil, but the compact size/hammerless would be handy assets to have while answering the door, slipping in his pocket, traveling in the car on a road trip. IOW it hides nicely.

    Regardless......... whatever he gets is likely better than nothing.
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    Personally I lean towards the revolver. The .357 makes it almost affordable to shoot when practicing with 38 spec. Some gun shops / ranges have guns you can shoot there to get the feel and "try them out". If this is an option you should consider it. But whatever he winds up getting you need to get him to practice as often as possible until handling and shooting it becomes a natural thing to him. And consider where he should keep the gun at night so it's easily accessed. Good luck

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    My first H/D firearm was a revolver. I did a lot of research and considering I would not be carrying it, I selected a S&W model 65 in stainless, with a 4" barrel.
    After all these years and a lot of nice pistols, I still think that S&W was a good decision. I still have it, it's not sexy, but it is reliable and needs no special care.

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    Best gun is the one you have in your hand in a SD situation.

    I would look at .357 Mags, .38 +P., .38 Spl.

    Sometimes recoil gets to be an issue as you get older, and there are some good deals on revolvers (plus dependable) that are not made of light weight materials, but great for home SD if no plans to carry.

    Price goes up with options, but if you start with .357 Mag, you get all the options to .38 Spl.
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    I own the Ruger GP100,awesome Revolver.
    Check out the Taurus 608 Revolver--8 Shots of 357magnum and It won't break the bank.

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