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Thread: Taurus ya or na

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    I must be lucky, PT22,TCP, PT 111, PT 145 only had issue with the PT 111.
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    There are more than a few threads asking about Taurus's reputation and quality running right now. There are none inquiring about Sig, Glock, Beretta, Smith, Ruger. That should tell you a little bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc0811 View Post
    whats your takes on taurus revolvers for home defense? I was looking at them because they are alot cheaper than smith & wesson but are they just as good?

    Used Smith anytime over a Taurus........you get the horns way to often with products from the Bull.
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    I really can't complain about Taurus, I have 2, PT-101AFS and a model 66.
    The only thing I have done on the 101 is replace the roll-pin on the rear sight, other than that it's digested over 5000 rounds without a hiccup, the 66 I bought used from a friend who kept it on his boat and the boat sunk with it, paid $25.00 for the rusty gun, did the transfer at my FFL and when my friend left the dealer asked me if I would like to have him ship it off, 2 weeks later I had a new 66 with the same #'s, I like my FFL better than that friend, he's the kind that you loan 20 bucks to so he avoids you.

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    I will start by saying the Taurus revolvers that I own work fine. As you can see from my profile I carry a Taurus M85 in a Cross Breed holster. One heck of a good combination. Five shots in the gun...another five on a strip in my watch pocket. I have shot around 1500 rounds through this gun with no issues to date. There are lots of choices out there. Go to a gun show...hold as many as you can...and select what is right for you. Then go to the range and learn to shoot it...well!
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    My first pistol was a Taurus PT-92. I regret selling it. I have never owned one of their revolvers but a good friend of mine back in the 80's did and I fired his quite a bit. In my limited experience it seemed solid and reliable. The trigger pull was not quite my S&W model 10 or my Colt Trooper, but I imagine with use or a little $$ to a smith it could be quite slick.
    I understand they did have some quality control issues in the early to mid 1990's but I thought those have been resolved. Based on 45tek's post, maybe they haven't.
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    I have two tauras pistols and they both run flawlessly. pt111 mil pro, and a 44mag. Love em, and I do own other higher priced weapons as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    I'll swim against the tide here and say I have three Taurus handguns, and they're fine guns. In the same league as a Smith & Wesson or Colt (when Colt made good wheelguns)? No - but the price isn't the same, either.

    I have two Taurus .38 snubs which collectively have probably 3000 rounds downrange through them, without a hiccup. The 851SSUL (shrouded, ultra-lite) had a better trigger than any S+W sub in the store the day I bought it.

    My PT111 Millennium in 9mm had some erratic failures to fire between 500 and 1000 rounds. It was returned to the factory and fixed without any problems or cost (other than outbound shipping), and returned in about 3 weeks. No problems since then.

    Any mass-produced, manufactured item can have quality problems... you don't have to read many posts to see that Colt, S+W, Sig, H+K, Glock (yes, Glock), Kimber and Kahr - all high-dollar guns - have had their share of problems. Taurus has its share, too. Don't think for a moment that with a Smith + Wesson you have an absolute life insurance policy, but with a Taurus, you're better off with a police whistle.

    Given a choice and a big budget, of course I'll take a high-end gun over a budget brand... overall, I believe that you generally do get what you pay for. But disabuse yourself of the notion that Taurus makes pot-metal junk that is incapable of saving your hide. Simply isn't so, and the marketplace would enforce a short business life.
    ^^^^^I'm in gasmittys camp on this one^^^^^^^^^^

    My dad, God rest his soul, had a taurus .357 six shot. We shot it with maybe 150-200 rounds through, with no problem.
    My brother and his son had my mom shooting it with .38 s and .357 and it performed fine for them.
    Oh ,BTW, it was used, bought at a GShow in around 1994 or so.

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    It simply amazes me that someone even considers skimping $100-$200 on a tool meant to defend their life. Taurus (lack of) quality is well known. Get a nice used S&W or Ruger, and you'll be much better off than rolling the dice with a Taurus. And in the unlikely event that you experience problems with a Ruger or S&W revolver, the factory will make it right in a timely manner.

    It's your life. Choose wisely.
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    No complaints with Taurus guns I have.
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    PT 38s

    My second auto was the Taurus PT 38S (wife liked the pearl grips)
    I've had it for 7 years now, run several thousand rounds through it...very smooth, very nice weapon. Reading the other posts here, seems like I got lucky. But I just can't complain about it. The only issue I ever had was with Remington UMC ammo, and Remington made it right with a total refund.

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    I have a Taurus PT145 Mil Pro semi-auto pistol and prefer it over my Ruger SP101 for EDC. My brother-in-law has one of the lightweight Taurus Tracker's in 41 Magnum and wouldn't trade it in for anything. In fact, he's a hell of a better shot with the Tracker than I am with the SP101 which is one of the reasons why I stick with the pistol.
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    i think they have great revolvers they only poly i would buy is the pt709 its a great pistol
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    Here's my experience with Taurus ... I have an all-steel 85, my first handgun, about 15 or so years old, always excellent, no failures, it's my car gun ... when I wanted a 7-shot snubbie, I got a 617 .. it was terrible, gritty trigger and it locked up after 20 or so rounds ... thought about sending it back, but instead took it to a good local 'smith; for $85 I got a glass-smooth trigger and he opened up the barrel-cylinder gap. He said it was so tight that heat from firing expanded the metal enough to lock the cylinder ... I love the gun now, very accurate .. it's my house gun, sitting next to me as I type ... they ain's Smiths or Rugers, but they can be made to work if you get a bad one ...
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    I've been around others' Taurus products, shot them on occasion, observed the breakage that the owners sustained, and the difficulties in obtaining proper repairs. There sure isn't anything there for me. A used or police trade in Smith & Wesson would get my vote. Or else one of the trade-ins from among the many different quality brands of auto-loaders.
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