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This is a discussion on Taurus ya or na within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I own and carry a Taurus revolver. 2000 rounds without an issue to date. I like them but they admittedly have less that can go ...

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Thread: Taurus ya or na

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    I own and carry a Taurus revolver. 2000 rounds without an issue to date. I like them but they admittedly have less that can go wrong with them. I don't believe I will ever buy a Taurus pistol. Just heard too many stories.
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    Talking Taurus Yay or Nay

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc0811 View Post
    whats your takes on taurus revolvers for home defense? I was looking at them because they are alot cheaper than smith & wesson but are they just as good?
    I have Ruger, S&W, and Taurus and all work well. The Taurus 709 Slim auto has about 500 round thru it without any problem. The Judge works well with no problems. I carry a S&W M&P, but have carried the 709 in dress up close becquse it is so slim.

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    I'm good with the Taurus revolver; are they in the same class as the S&W? I'd say no, not IMB.

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    I have both sw 638 and taurus 851 protector. I like them both. the 851 was my first snubbie. never had any problems with it. I am afraid to try their semiautos though. In my research, I found that people were pretty happy in general with their taurus snubbies.
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    MY opinion!

    Guns are like condoms, toilet paper, and shoes. Do NOT buy cheap ones. For the price of a new Taurus you could have a really nice used S&W revolver. If you are going to trust your most precious thing to a tool, why would you want an inferior tool that has a documented history of failure and sub standard quality? That is not saying that good weapons cannot be had for reasonable prices. My S&W 10-10 was 200$ and was found in a bargain bin (literally it was a BIN of 38 revolvers traded in from a security company at a show, you reached in and fished out a winner) Learn how to inspect a used smith, (there are documents on the google) and go to a gun show/pawn shop/large gun dealer/buddies house/estate sale and grab one
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    Had a PT140 that never had a problem, trigger was horrible but it always went bang.
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    Na on the Tarus. My mom has a 357 and the finish is peeling off. Taurus said that is an acceptable occurance. I guess she has is lucky because it still works.

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