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Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault

This is a discussion on Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I took the test again today and got -16. I seemed to have changed some things for the better since last time....

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Thread: Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault

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    I took the test again today and got -16. I seemed to have changed some things for the better since last time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    I got +46 :(.... is it I think that Black male 14-26 thing dinged me.... racist test!!! :p
    Guessing that is tongue in cheek. As sadly that is statistically true. The brothers conduct and resulting relationship with Po Po does dramatically increase a man of colors risk of being harmed

    Quote Originally Posted by unloved View Post
    Got a 36. Methinks yon test is seriously flawed. I don't engage in any high risk behavior.
    It is not about high risk behavior. It is about appearing like a target. While this test is obviously not the be all end all and does not take every variable into account. I think it is a good general overview and can be helpful if we are honest with ourselves. It is not that hard to see those things that make us look like appealing targets and at least provide us with food for thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexHassin View Post
    Looking at how the scores work I could not stand to live a negative scouring life.
    My guess it your could. It is not so much as how you live so much as how a predator may see you. I am a type A adrenalin junkie and managed a pretty fair minus score

    Quote Originally Posted by celticredneck View Post
    I score +38, I guess mainly because my wife opens the door to anyone. However that is misleading, as we have had strangers visiting us only once in the last two years and that was a census worker. My home is not visible from any road unless the outside lights are on at night and even then it can only be seen if you happen to be looking through the woods at just the moment.
    This is a good example, not to pick on Celticredneck but the fact that the home is not visible from the road makes it an ideal target for the BG. It is an ideal location for a burglary or home invasion. As you said who is going to see it.

    Only one or two visitors seems to have lulled your wife into a false sense of security. Most victims of violent crime are only victimized once but that one rape, mutilation, robbery or murder changes their world forever.

    Don't let your wife think her age is a defense against being raped. We did a search of known rapists in a five mile radius of my mom's home a middle class suburb in Tacoma Wa. We found 200 known convicted rapists with a known preference for women 50 and older. Two hundred rapists within five miles unbelievable but true none the less and those where only the ones who preferred older women. Apparently your wifes and my moms age makes her a more vulnerable, an easier target not less desirable to the spineless cowards who prey on women to vent their rage.

    Our home is much like yours miles away from the nearest town. Two miles up a dirt road with a 200 yard driveway through dense forest makes it invisible. The BG could chop us to bits finger by finger and no one would hear a sound, strip the house, kill us and burn it to the ground without anyone noticing. For that reason we have taken responsibility for our own security. With wireless cameras, motion and IR sensors. Secure doors and windows, three 100 plus lb Akitas and attack turkeys. NO trespass signs that assure any uninvited stranger the best they can hope for is to be looking down the wrong end of a barrel if they proceed uninvited choosing to be dealt with for what they are. Hostile invading trespassers.
    Abort the Obamanation not the Constitution

    Those who would, deny, require permit, license, certification, or authorization for me to bear arms are as vile, dangerous & evil as those who would molest, abuse, assault, rape or murder my family

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    Rate Your Risk


    Your total is -32.

    In danger from me...that's a possibility I guess.
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    funny, I don't feel particularly dangerous

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    USA, where else?
    Washington Post 06/28/2010 re: Supreme Court Decision
    "The court's decision means that the enigmatically worded Second Amendment... identifies an individual right to gun ownership, like the freedom of speech, that cannot be unduly restricted by Congress, state laws or city ordinances. "

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    29. I wish MD wasn't so stupid about carrying...

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    -8. I will say that I rarely travel, or leave familiar surroundings. Fun test though.

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    -5. One thing conspicuously missing from that test that was in the others on that site was questions about the type of area you live in. I'd bet that it's far safer to visit an ATM at night where I live (80 miles from the nearest city over 50k) than it would be in a major metropolitan area. Also, I think that rating unlicenced concealed carry as a -7 is wrong based on the statistics I've seen. That would seem to indicated that the person is a criminal (not just for carrying either) and criminals run a much higher risk of assault/etc than non-criminals.

    Edit: A scary side-note. My wife scored a 64. A big part of that being that she doesn't have her own gun or a permit YET (Raspberry LCP is on lay away at the moment). She rarely leaves the house without me, but she does open the door unarmed and without identifying.

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    I received a -12...I think it's fairly accurate LOL
    The words "Impossible" and "Can't" are only found on the lips of losers.

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    -3 so better than I thought.

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    I scored a +2 so I guess that means I don't have a life.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

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    Rate Your Risk

    Your total is -6.

    (Negative score) A minus score indicates that the criminal would be in danger FROM YOU. The greater the negative score...the greater the danger.

    (0 to 50) This score shows a low risk of assault. You are either highly cautious or a poor target. You should not be foolishly overconfident however. Keep up the precautions and take the test again next month and don't fudge on your points.

    (51 to 80) This shows that you have a moderate risk of robbery or assault. It would be a good idea to be more cautious and cut out visiting an ATM machine at night. Take a self defense or executive security course. Don't carry so many charge cards.

    (More than 80) It would be a good idea to make out a will. Put your portable valuables in a safe deposit box. Think twice before you go nightclubbing or driving. You are obviously having a fun life but to make it through another year it would be advisable to take up jogging, martial arts, firearms and carry a police officer with you when you go out. Carry some cash (25 to 50 dollars) and fewer credit cards.

    Doing good I guess
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    nor the warrior for his glory.
    I love only that which they defend.

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    -39 the bad guys are in Danger from me... lol

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    Saw this a long time ago. I don't remember what my score was then, but got a -44 this time around.
    Guess there's still room for improvement.
    I'll keep my freedom, my liberty, and my guns. You can keep the change.

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