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Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault

This is a discussion on Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Your total is 13. Originally Posted by nutz4utwo Explain me this: Why does sometimes a wearing a rain coat over a sport coat change my ...

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Thread: Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault

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    Your total is 13.

    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    Explain me this: Why does sometimes a wearing a rain coat over a sport coat change my score?
    You look like a target (mark). More likely to be worth robbing than a guy wearing a plastic bag over a hooded sweatshirt.

    Don't get caught up on getting some negative score. Sometimes you just have to live life. Yes, I answer my door. I take walks with my wife on a clear nigh. I don't know karate (I have won fist fights with people who do, they should have asked that I guess). I wear an overcoat when I wear a suit. I do all of those things armed, what can I say.

    I like the quiz, but it is what it is. I'm not impressed by negative numbers any more then I would someone who had some high score. People have different lifestyles, it is always good to consuider the risks.
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    -23 raincoat??
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    -16, not too bad.

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    -14 here. I don't get out much.

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    I got a 1, but if I quit driving around on E I can be a -3.

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    Spoiler Alert - Don't read if you haven't taken the quiz yet.

    I hope no one minds. I thought it would be fun to see some of the scoring it uses so I pulled it up. It's not everything. And some of the scoring is just odd, like it increases one point for each additional credit card you carry, but anyway here it is.

    30 You ever hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
    25 You ever use prostitutes
    20 Do you <B>ever</B> use cocaine, crack, uppers, downers or narcotics away from home on any occasion?
    20 You know others illegally carry firearms where you drink or gamble
    15 You are a black male between the ages of 14 and 26
    10 You carry over $400.
    10 You carry secret code numbers to cards written down (even though you might hide them).
    10 You ever use outside ATM (anytime teller machines) after dark. (Leave this blank if the ATM is at a police sub-station).
    10 Do you ever get drunk in public to the point where your speech is even slightly slurred or your balance is affected?
    10 You wear a natural fur in public.
    10 You regularly commute by bus or subway
    10 You cannot change a car tire yourself -- and you drive?
    10 You work at a gas station, bar, fast food restaurant, or drive-in market
    7 You ( or other family members ) open the door on your home for visitors without positive identification.
    5 You travel in the U.S. more than 5,000 miles.
    5 You travel worldwide.
    5 You go to conventions or seminars in other cities even occasionally.
    5 You ever open your door to strangers when you are unarmed.
    5 You carry one or more ATM cards.
    5 You walk in public more than five times per month.
    5 You visibly wear lots of gold chains when in public.
    5 You wear rings, bracelets, or other jewelry worth over $2,000. while in public.
    5 Do you drive with any car door unlocked
    5 You are over sixty (60) years old
    5 You are afraid of guns and can't stand to touch one
    4 You carry $50 to $400.
    4 You drive (more than once a month) with 1/8 tank of gas or less
    3 You wear a convention badge while out of the meeting room itself on such a trip.
    3 You rarely carry <B>any</B> cash.
    3 You wear an overcoat or full length rain suit over a suit jacket in public.
    3 You are going camping or partying in a boat in the next year
    3 There is no controlled access in and out of your work
    3 You speak quietly when you talk
    2 You travel about 1,000 to 5,000 miles in U.S.
    2 You fly by commercial carrier.
    2 You regularly fly using small, foreign owned carriers.
    2 You travel (<b>fly, drive, etc.</B>) with more than one suitcase and one carry-on type bag.
    2 You regularly wear your last name visible when you work.
    2 Your mailbox doesn't lock.
    2 You have a solid door without a 'peephole' or way to view who is outside.
    2 You frequent the same gas station
    1 You go to nightclubs and take home partners or <B>go</B> somewhere with them:
    0 You travel under 1,000 miles (1,600Km) total.
    -1 You carry $20 to $50.
    -1 You have a remote starting device on your car
    -1 You can run over three hundred meters (300 M) without stopping to walk
    -1 You are a first (1st) degree black belt or higher in any martial art (Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, etc.)
    -2 You have a lock on your bedroom door.
    -2 You separate the money you <B>need</B> from other large denomination bills.
    -2 You are commissioned or otherwise legally carry a handgun
    -3 You generally walk at night with one or more companions.
    -3 You carry a tire inflator/puncture sealant screw-on cannister in your car
    -5 You only open a door when armed.
    -5 Do you carry an umbrella or cane without necessity?
    -5 Do you walk with young children (age 8 or under) or a dog?
    -5 You are considered calm but assertive when you talk
    -7 You always carry a handgun and you aren't commissioned or registered

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    -9. I can live with that. My wife took it. She scored a 33. I have to work on that with her.
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    -6 for me but could have been better if I didnt smoke crack... HaHa

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    Looking at how the scores work I could not stand to live a negative scouring life.. I took the test a second time, and was probably more accurate, and thought more about some of my answers and got a 51.

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    -28, probably cause I hate to leave the house

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    i got a negitive 19
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    So, if I go on a night patrol through Gereshk in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with 3 or more people I score a -3?

    I suppose I get dinged for sleeping with (while not having sex) my female "battle buddy" in the desert at night, too....

    Aw man... this test is rigged....

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    -35 for me.
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    They gave me the ATM thing too.
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