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Late night phone call......somethings fast can you get ready/prepared?

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Thread: Late night phone call......somethings fast can you get ready/prepared?

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    In my job, I have to be ready to go, so I got use to getting dressed and gone in the dark as not to disturb the wife in about 45 seconds, that's fully dressed in uniform with wallet, keys and assessories. So to grab my weapon from where it sits and pants, shirt, shoes, about 30 seconds tops.
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    I can have my car out on the road in under 2 minutes.

    My phone, jeans/shorts, ID, keys, and gun is right next to me on the ready.

    I always have one 7 gallon can of gas just in case I come home with a empty tank that night.
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    I sleep in the buff. I expect the business end of my Glcok 30 to devert any unwarrented attention!
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    Sleep in the boxers, though i can be out the door in about five minutes if necessary. Weapon is in a small pistol safe next to the bed.

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    +1 everyone else said about already having your gear loaded out. I keep the same pair of pants I wore that day along with all the pocket contents(unfortunately lots of contents) in place at the foot of the bed and folded in the same manner and placement every time and keep the shoes together with the pants as well.. It's just habit now. I just switch the gear to the new pair in the morning before heading out.

    This way I can literally roll out of bed and into my shoes and pants and be out the door in less than 30 seconds even with having to belt a holster. A good IWB with a sturdy hook or an OWB pancake makes this a quick duty.

    This isn't just for BG's B&E nightmare scenarios. Good habit to have in case of fire/natural disaster.
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    I was posting if someone is calling me needing my help away from my house.

    If someone breaks in to my home, I don't care if my twig and berries are showing, as long as I'm safe, that is the only thing that matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    My answer is "yes, I can". I always have shoes sitting there I can literally just stick my feet into, pants I can slip in and shirt to throw on.... with gun, etc right there.

    My rule of thumb is, from the time I jump up, I better be ready to leave the room "dressed" within 15 seconds. And, I can and have.

    I learned it from a fireman.
    I, too, learned quickly as an RA in college...then briefly on an ambulance company...and again in the military and multiple deployments to unhealthy, unfriendly places. To this day, I can be up, dressed, and out the door in less than 30 secs...with gear.
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    I sleep in undershirt (regular Hanes white shirts) and workout-type shorts (not ones I that I just wore to workout) if its not freezing-ass outside I am ready in 5 seconds...just reach over and grab the gun, couple extra mags and flashlight...of course stir the wife to get ready to call 911.

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    I usually toss all my pocket stuff into my hat , if I have to actually leave my house I can put that stuff in my pockets while enroute. I lay out my clothes for the next day two feet from the side of my bed. I've done this acouple times and can be out of the house and on the road in about a minute. During the winter I just grab my coat hanging by the door on the way out.

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    I think that most veterans have a pretty well developed system. I can be out the door in under a minute, cocked, locked and ready to rock. Now this didn't happen right away of course, the 150 or so middle of the night General Quarters alarms (man battle stations) allowed me to hone my technique.
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    All my edc stuff rest in a Maxped fatboy at night. I keep a P11 in it as well keys wallet everything is there. I always leave the clothes that I wore that day beside the bed. I can be dressed and out the door in less than a minute with everything necessary. If it is a major crisis I grab the bob and the fatboy.

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    I got in to the habit during my first few Deployments (I'm AD USAF) to keep my gear set up next to my bed. Like several others here, I leave clothes and shoes next to the bed, sleeping in a t-shirt (or wife beater) and my boxer briefs. After work or on the weekends, I usually wear shorts w/cargo pockets or some cargo pocket pants w/a button down shirt. The shirt gets hung on a knob on my dresser and the gun is usually in my top dresser drawer at night, where a flashlight also resides.

    We have a dog and a home security system. The dog will likely wake me long before someone breaches the electronic security. She's quite boisterous with the barking.

    With all of that in-place, it only takes me about a minute to be dressed and ready to go.
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    There's a whole lot of scantily-clad, gun-totin' chicken owners. I can admit that I'm one of them. In that kind of scenario I would be expecting a raccoon not a person, so it'd be Maglight and .22
    I probably WOULD be putting the cow back in the pasture in my drawers and Crocs

    I do have the habit of leaving all my gear in the pants that I wore that day. Yank 'em on and I know I've got everything.

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    I live in an apartment so I probably won't have enough time to get dressed if someone kicks in my door. Guess I'll be flinging lead wearing what I am wearing.

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    I learned the hardway - after having to be evacuated on moments notice due to a chemical spill/accident on the neaby freeway years ago, I was rather frustrated that I almost had to leave in my underwear!!!!

    Now I sleep with shorts (made of the same material as sweat pants) with my clothes beside the bed that I can quickly put on. IF push comes to shove and I need to get out NOW... I have a grab bag by the door that contains some food, change of clothes, personal care items, a small pistol and ammo, and various other items that belong in a grab bag. I can then change and have everything I need once I am out the door and to safety.
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